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    I Love Cheese!
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Looking for 2G silver/gold tinsel. Will breed 3G tinsels, PB silvers, coppers, pretty much anything except PB Gold (only have a male CB Gold), CB Bronze, or CB Silver tinsel. Collect Blacktip hatchies/eggs!  My Cheese Army! Can use more recruits! Have CB Gold tinsel. I do not make lists. If interested, just ask. I like Cheeses, Blacktips, and silver tinsel 2G swaps.

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    Dragon stuff I like/want:

    I like white Stripes. A LOT.

    I dream of getting a 2G Prize some day.

    And I hoard Xenowyrms.

    I also catch coppers like they're albinos, but don't like them. If you want a copper, PM me. I probably have one.

    Not making a long wishlist because those are annoying. The above is my wishlist. That's it.

    2G prize is my big wish, though. I know I'll never have one, but a girl can dream.