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Info on Iriria, my CB Gold tinsel, in profile. Can also breed pretty much anything! Will consider IOUs. Currently looking for Cheeses.  

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    Rolling in piles of Cheese dragons
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    FIgured I'd put my tinsel rules here so no one gets confused. I own a CB Gold tinsel named Iriria. Her list is almost always open since I do alternating breedings. I breed for the first person the list first. If it's a fail, I'll breed her again same as the previous week. If it's "no interest" I'll breed her with the second person's mate of choice. No interest that time, too? Third person's mate. Then back to first person.

    I will sometimes breed her for MYSELF, but not often at all. If she produces a fail from your mate of choice, you get the fail in addition to still getting the future tinsel. I do not want the fails and I'd rather them be gifts than just punt them to the AP or try to trade them.

    Yes, I do accept certain commons (at least more than 3) and certain lineaged common IOUs for a tinsel IOU.

    Looking for these in general:

    4EG Black Tea from Monarch female/Tea male checker
    4EG Falconiform or White from White male/Falcon female checker
    4EG Striped River or Sunsong from Sunsong female/River male checker
    CB Striped River male hatchies
    CB Sunsong fem hatchies
    CB female Waterhorse
    Any lineage and gender Purple
    CB male Stones
    CB Black Tea males
    CB Monarchs (any gender)
    CB Candelabra females
    2G Candelabra from Monarch male
    2G Monarch from Candelabra female
    Ungendered ND
    Male ND
    CB Silver (always looking)
    CB Script males
    CB Red Nebulas
    2G Red Nebula from Script father
    2G Script from Red Neb mother

    I will not hold a 2G tinsel for more than 3 days. When it's time to hatch, I'll be trying to trade it. Please accept it within three days.

    PM if anyone has questions.