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KenKazaki2 My Wishlist & My Special Lineages sdojvb.jpg.gifhttp://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n303/rin_haya/rtc01.gif

whatcolor_isblueredwhitegreenicons.jpg.0c235bae7beadd55380b10449225733f.jpgYou are a Planeswalker of The Jeskai Way Red/White/Blue: Jeskai live within a cycle of inspiration, investigation, and evaluation. Those of Jeskai colors show a refusal to be content with what is already known. They have a desire to go out in search of new information, to return and share their findings in communal progress. Jeskai put their ego second in the process of reaching for something greater.

You are a Planeswalker of The Naya Shard Red/Green/White: Naya has a passionate presence, tempered by tradition and a sense of belonging, Naya has a full and vibrant commitment to one's chosen way of life. Those of Naya colors have an almost total lack of selfishness or dissatisfaction, resulting in a fierce desire to protect the good that already is.

You are a Planeswalker of The Temur Frontier Blue/Red/Green: Temur promotes a childlike curiosity, a Zen-like wonder of self, and an insatiable desire to play, explore, discover and understand. Those of Temur colors are not interested in ego. They are do not have a concern for status or reputation, focusing instead on oneness with their own immediate experience.

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