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Currently Looking For a Kage/Hina code!

I accept IOUs!


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    Link above is a Haikyuu Chatbot (WIP). Feel free to click it, I need to make it better and that means user input and more people interacting with it and it sorta has the personality of the character. Trying to sort out and get the options done!

    Will accept all Cloudplumes and Black Dragons, any lineage welcome!
    Currently looking for any Haikyuu codes of any lineage too, don't mind if i/1 or 0/o! Codes I'm really interested in in my wishlist :)

    Breeds I adore:
    Magis (EG, PB preferred/CB)
    Blacks (2gs or CB)
    Cloudplumes (Any lineage, some will be for freezies)

    Breeds I don't really fancy (please don't send these as gifts, thanks uwu):
    Gold-Horned Tangar
    Imperial Fleshcrowne

    Current IOU status:
    Nothing on now! Yay!