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The Complete Your Scroll, Wish List Thread

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Things I want rn

  • Baikalas for zombification (This heavy egg has a soft, yielding shell; forest, jungle, coast)
  • Seasonals (freeze one)
  • Wyrms for the raffle (pygmies?) (This tiny egg has a bold red streak on it; desert, forest, jungle)
  • Siyats (This egg seems to be glowing in spots; alpine, coast, forest)
  • Celestials


  • freeze CBs?
  • 2 CB (f/fm) of each Halloween dragon
  • zombify on the 31st
  • 11/3/18 I have one f influence left
  • 11/5/18 no precogs
  • got a lot of Shadow Walkers, Cavern Lurkers, Witchights (need others)



  • user posted image Aeon
  • user posted imageAntarean – surrounded by mysterious, reflective dust
  • user posted imageAnagallis (m desert f jungle)
  • user posted imageBlue-banded
  • user posted imageBright-breasted Wyvern
  • user posted imageBrimstone
  • user posted imageCandelabra
  • user posted image Celestial
  • user posted imageChicken
  • user posted imageCopper
  • user posted imageGemshard
  • user posted imageGold – this egg is very reflective, almost metallic-looking
  • user posted imageHarvest – this heavy egg feels slightly warm
  • user posted imageLumina
  • user posted imageNebula
  • user posted imagePink
  • user posted imagePurple
  • user posted imageRed
  • user posted imageSapphire
  • user posted imageSeasonal user posted imageWinter_egg.png
  • user posted imageSilver m – this egg gives off a beautiful glow
  • user posted imageSpirit Ward
  • user posted imageSunrise dragon (m) – glowing as brightly as the sun (6am – 12pm cave time)
  • user posted imageUndine
  • user posted imageWater
  • user posted imageXenowyrms





Have: 7 CB Witchlights, 8 CB Omens


  • user posted image38f+m/56 or 72 Pinks needed
  • user posted image21/56-72 f pinks needed
  • user posted image20/56-72 m pinks needed
  • user posted image38/112-120 reds needed




Valentine's Kin


Mates (non-holiday)


Halloween kin


Winter/Xmas kin




  1. Flamingo
  2. Speckle-Throated
  3. Yellow-Crowned
  4. Blacktip
  5. winter freeze S1?
  6. Carmine
  7. Luminox (m)
  8. Glowback Pygmy x1
  9. Mariner Pygmy
  10. Coral Pygmy Wyvern
  11. Tercorn (x1)
  12. Lihnseyre (f)
  13. Howler Drake
  14. Rift Wyrm
  15. Spotted Greenwing
  16. Tarantula Hawk Drake
  17. Swallowtail
  18. Tsunami Wyvern
  19. Hooktalon
  20. Tercorn from Aegis for https://dragcave.net/lineage/YO4TG
  21. http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=zfntS&gen=4&mate=WS9KD&style[bg]=y
  22. http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=JsvER&gen=4&mate=20g4i&style[bg]=y
  23. Tinsel Seasonals http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=XN2LV&gen=4&mate=b0wU8&style[bg]=y
  24. https://dragcave.net/lineage/BM7k4 x https://dragcave.net/lineage/vW7TC


Completed! Thank you!






Celestial/Aegis project





Shallow_Water_egg.gifMagikarp/Shallow WaterShallow_Water_egg.gif





shoko.png clocks.gif

user posted image



Edited by marienine

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A guy can dream can't he??? :D:D ??

Neglected_egg.gif Neglected (F/M/U) ya boy can EXP!!!

Gold_egg.gif CB Gold (2F/2M) (0/2F) (0/2M)

Silver_egg.gif CB Silver (2F/2M) (2/2F) (0/2M)

Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif CB Prizes

dino_random.gif 2 of each Dino to freeze at baby stages

Chicken_Egg.gif 3 Chickens, 1 for growing, 2 for freezing

Cheese_egg.gif 4 Cheese, 2 for growing, 2 for freezing

Paper_egg.gif 2 Paper for freezing

Silver_male_hatchi.gif 4G Male Silver from M Silver/F Black with ALT BLACK Grandparents (2G)




copper_random.gif All kinds of Coppers 2 M/F each (1/2M Rainbow) (0/2MF All Others)

vampire.gifVampire_female_hatchi.png  Vampires, hatchlings preferred (in need of females) (thank you Saika!)

Aeon_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png  Aeon Wyverns (1/4M) (0/4F)

output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif  Any Xenos, Female Pyro and Thalassa preferred (1/4F Pyro) (0/4 Thalassa)

Pillow_female_hatchi.png Female Pillow Hatchlings (2/8)

Pyralspite_Spessartine_mature_hatchling. Male Spessartine Hatchlings (0/8)

Black_male_hatchi.gif Male Black


latest?cb=20170605123114 Any Zyus, White and Blue preferred, need 2 more of each

Kyanite_Pygmy_hatchi.gif Female Kyanite Pygmy hatchlings (1/8)

 Dark_Myst_Pygmy_male_hatchi.gif Male Dark Myst Pygmy hatchlings (1/8)




Pyro_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif  2G Female Pyro from Female Pyro/Male Antarean (0/4)

Antarean_mature_hatchi.png  2G Male Antarean from Female Pyro/Male Antarean (3/4) (thank you Sock and Saika!)

latest?cb=20110214053658 2G Rosebud from Rosebud/Diamondwing (mate for him)

Lumina_mature_hatchi.gif 2G Male Lumina from Female Silver/Male Lumina (mate for her) (2/2) (thank you Violet_Ninja :D)

marrow.gif 4G MALE Black Marrow from Female Silver/Male Black Marrow (mate for her)


Aegis_egg.png Aegis descended from either or both Spriter's Alts, preferably low gen and non inbred (5G or lower)

Yulebuck_egg.gif Yulebuck descended from Spriter's Alt, preferably low gen and non inbred (5G or lower)

ANY holiday descended from Spriter's Alt, preferably low gen and non inbred (5G or lower)

Mistletoe_egg.png 3G Mistletoe from Almerald/Mistletoe (mate for him)

Pumpkin_mature_hatchi.gif 3G Female Pumpkin from M Black Myst/F Pumpkin (mate for him)

Shadow_Walker_egg.gif 3G Shadow Walker from Heartseeker/Shadow Walker (mate for him)

Copper_Dragon2_egg.png 2G Copper from Wrapping Wing/Copper (mate for him) Thank you Saika!

Gold_egg.gif 3G Gold from Gold/Mistletoe (mate for her)


Black_egg.gif 2 of each Alt Black for freezing + 1 female of either kind for growing up, preferably not inbred (0/5)

Dark_Green_alt_hatchi.gif Dark_Green_alt_mature_hatchi.gif  2 Alt Vines for freezing (S1/S2) (0/2)

Alt_Undine_hatchi.png  5 Alt Undines, 2 for adults, 2 for gendered freezing, 1 for S1 freezing (0/5)




Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon Wyverns

vampire.gif Vampires

Magi_egg.gif Magis

Pink_female_hatchi.gif Pink_male_hatchi.gif Pinks

Red_egg.gif Reds !!!!


Purple_egg.gif Purples

Bolt_egg.gif Bolts

Ice_egg.gif Magma_egg.gif Thunder_egg.gif Legendary Trio

latest?cb=20170605123114 Zyumorphs



Pillow_egg.gif Pillows

Albino_egg.gif Albinos

Spirit_Ward_egg.png Spirit Wards

Vampire_egg.gif Vampires




Any unwanted hatchlings! (=

Starred have preferences for freezing!


Pygmies of any kind

Vampire_hatchi.png Vampire Hatchlings

Albino_hatchi.gif Albino Hatchlings

Diamondwing_hatchi.gif Diamondwing Hatchlings

Morphodrake_hatchi.gif Morphodrake Hatchlings

Ochredrake_hatchi.gif Ochredrake Hatchlings

Monarch_hatchi.gif Monarch Hatchlings *

Daydream_hatchi.gif Daydream Hatchlings

Ember_hatchi.gif Ember Hatchlings *

Honey_Drake_hatchi.gif Honey Drake Hatchlings

Tarantula_Hawk_Drake_hatchi.gif Tarantula Hawk Drake Hatchlings

Azure_Glacewing_hatchi.gif Azure Glacewing Hatchlings

Spirit_Ward_hatchling.gif Spirit Ward Hatchlings

Black_Tea_hatchi.gif Black Tea Hatchlings *

Frostbite_hatchi.gif Frostbite Hatchlings *

Aegis_hatchi.gif Aegis Hatchlings 


Edited by spencersmith

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absinthy's wishlist

Wishlist can now be found in profile info.




Edited by absinthy

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UPDATED: 5.4.21

Will breed in exchange for any of these, often looking for these in trades - PM about inquiries! 

PM me about potential 2G prize/kin blood swaps from Phaosphoros (M Bronze Tinsel)



3G PB EG white Stripes from same color parents 

2G Undines from M Undine x F Ribbondancer

Black hatchies (alt fails welcome!)

2/3/4G prize/kin from male Bronze Tinsel lines (checkered)



Bronze Tinsel

2G Chrono from M Bronze Tinsel 

2G Garland from M Bronze Tinsel 

2G Bronze Tinsel from F Undine

2/3G Gaia from M Bronze Tinsel OR 2/3G Bronze Tinsel from F Gaia (checker)

3G Undine from M Bronze Tinsel (checker)

3G Bronze Tinsel from F Rosebud (checker) ***

4G Bronze Tinsel from F Arsani (checker) ***

3G Bronze Tinsel from M Shadow Walker (checker)

3G Bronze Tinsel from M Cavern Lurker (checker)

Gold Tinsel

3G Arsani from M Gold Tinsel (checker) (x2) ***

3G Gold Tinsel from M Deep Sea (checker)

3G Undine from M Gold Tinsel (checker) **

Silver Tinsel

2G Silver Tinsel from M Aqualis

2G Sweetling from F Silver Tinsel ***

Bronze Shimmer

2G Bronze Shimmer from M Razercrest

3G Bronze Shimmer from F Almerald ***

4G Bronze Shimmer from M Celestial

Silver Shimmer

2G Silver Shimmer from F Almerald **







Snow Angel

Pacified / Enraged 







*** pairings listed male x female ***


latest?cb=20091226115201 VALENTINE
3G Valentine from Kingcrowne x Valentine **


latest?cb=20100214060518 SWEETLING
2G Sweetling from Sweetling x Western Prize (Silver) ******* will sell soul
3G Sweetling from Sweetling x Black
3G Sweetling from Sweetling x Gold
4G Sweetling from Sweetling x Gold
4G Sweetling from Sweetling x White


latest?cb=20110214053658 ROSEBUD
2G Rosebud from Silver x Rosebud **
2G Rosebud from Silver x Rosebud

2G Rosebud from Silver x Rosebud
3G Rosebud from Silver x Rosebud
3G Rosebud from Silver x Rosebud
3G Rosebud from Almandine x Rosebud ***


latest?cb=20120214050456 HEARTSEEKER
2G Heartseeker from HS x Black
3G Heartseeker from HS x Gold **
3G Heartseeker from HS x Gold **
3G Heartseeker from HS x Lunar (Gold) 
3G Heartseeker from HS x Pink
3G Heartseeker from HS x Royal Crimson
4G Heartseeker from HS x Royal Crimson


latest?cb=20130214051557 ARSANI
2G Arsani from Witchlight x Arsani *
2G Arsani from Witchlight x Arsani *

2G Arsani from Lurker x Arsani

3G Arsani from Lurker x Arsani
4G Arsani from Gold x Arsani
4G Arsani from Pink x Arsani


latest?cb=20160214050112 MUTAMORE
2G Mutamore from Muta x Xeno T


Edited by Pendragon

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~ EmmieSage's Wishlist ~


Two-headed_Lindwurm_blue_egg.png Two-headed Lindwurm [purple]
Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon Wyvern

Baikala-egg-rotator Baikala

Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png Blusang Lindwurm

latest?cb=20170930230350 Bauta
Candelabra_egg.gif Candelabra [m]
Chicken_Egg.gif Chicken
Copper_egg_variations_rotator.gif Copper [rainbow: m / liver of sulfur: m / verdigris]
Dark_Lumina_egg.gif Dark Lumina [f]

Diamondwing_egg.gif Diamondwing [m]
Fell_egg.png Fell [f]

latest?cb=20170330065037 Fire Gem [blue / red / green]
Gemshard_egg.png Gemshard [jade / azure / ruby: m]
Gold_egg.gif Gold

Honey_Drake_egg.gif Honey Drake [h]
Ice_egg.gif Ice [f]

Kingcrowne_egg.gif Kingcrowne [f]
Lunar_Heralds_gold_egg.gif Lunar_Heralds_silver_egg.gif Lunar Herald [gold: f / silver]
Magma_egg.gif Magma
Nexus_egg.png Nexus

Paper_egg.gif Paper

Kyanite_Pygmy_egg.gif Kyanite Pygmy [f]
Pyralspite_Almandine_egg.png Pyralspite_Spessartine_egg.png Pyralspite [almandine / spessartine]
Spring_egg.gif Summer_egg.gif Seasonal [spring: m / summer: f]
Silver_egg.gif Silver

Thunder_egg.gif Thunder

output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif Xenowyrm [astrapi / chrono / gaia / mageia / pyro / thalassa]

Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif Zyumorph
14udqig.jpg Dino [blue / green / purple / red / yellow]

Edited by EmmieSage

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 Most Wanted:

(Listed from most wanted to least out of all of them) (Lineage doesn't really bother me)

Black_Marrow_egg.gif Black Marrow

Shadow_Walker_egg.gif Shadow Walker

Aegis_egg.png Aegis

Sweetling_egg.gif Sweetling

Grave_egg.png Grave

Caligene_egg.png Caligene

Desipis_egg.png Desipis

Witchlight_egg.png Witchlight

Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif Cavern Lurker

(These are probably the most difficult because they are holidays but a person can dream)




(Can have Lineage but preferred to be Cave Born if possible.)

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon Wyvern

Black_egg.gif Black

Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png Blusang Lindwurm

Candelabra_egg.gif Candelabra

Cassare_egg.gif Cassare

Falconiform_Wyvern_egg.png Falconiform Wyvern

Glaucus_Drake_egg.png Glacus Drake

Morphodrake_egg.png Morphodrake

Nebula_egg.gif Nebula

Spirit_Ward_egg.png Spirit Ward

Ice_egg.gif Ice

Magma_egg.gif Magma

Thunder_egg.gif Thunder

output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif Any Xenowyrm

Zyumorph_alpine_egg.pngZyumorph_coast_egg.pngZyumorph_desert_egg.pngZyumorph_forest_egg.pngZyumorph_jungle_egg.pngZyumorph_volcano_egg.png Any Zyumorph

(None of these are intended to be frozen)

Edited by SkiieTheDragon
Aquired some dragons so crossed them out.

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Nofnof / Nofindale's wishlist ~

If "Egg" is not precised, I accept hatchlings :) I always need any types of rare. The one precised are the one I need in priority.



Silver_egg.gif CB or low Gen nice breed Silver

Gold_egg.gif CB or low Gen nice breed Gold

Red_Dino_egg.gif Red Dino/Yoshi Egg

Yellow_Dino_egg.gif Yellow Dino/Yoshi Egg

Pyralspite_Almandine_egg.png CB Almandine Pyralpite, 2Gen Almandine from female Spirit Ward



Sunrise-Sunset_egg.gif CB Sunrise

Sunsong_Amphiptere_egg.gif CB Sunsong Amphiptere

Monarch_egg.gif CB Monarch

Risensong_egg.gif 2Gen Risensong from male Sunrise

Setsong_egg.gif 2Gen Setsong from male Sunset




Duotone_egg.png Any Gen Pure Bred Duotone

Spirit_Ward_egg.png 2Gen Spirit Ward from male Almandine Pyralspite




~ in construction

Edited by Nofnof

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Verfolgung's Wishlist:


Gemshard  (all variables, m/f of each)

Fell (M & F)


Edited by Verfolgung

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Eich, I have a lot of dragons I want, but there are ones I REALLY WANT right now.


Aeon Wyverns

Astrapi Xenowyrms

Thalassa Xenowyrms

Chrono Xenowyrms

Gaia Xenowyrms

Coast Zyumorphs

Desert Zyumorph

Forest Zyumorph

Jungle Zyumorph


IF POSSIBLE!(breeds I want, but I am willing to wait)




All Undead Forms

All Dinos

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Soulibur's Wishlist

Below lists the breeds I don't own yet. They are my top priority. I don't care about their lineage at all.
Blue_Dino_egg.gifBlue_Dino_Hatchling.gif Dino (blue)
Yellow_Dino_egg.gifYellow_Dino_hatchi.gif Dino (yellow)

Below lists the dragons that I really like. Since I have already collected their breeds, I'm gonna be a bit picky!


Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gifAeon_Wyvern_hatchi.png Aeon 

Hellhorse_egg.pngHellhorse_hatchi.gif Hellhorse 

Spirit_Ward_egg.pngSpirit_Ward_hatchling.gif Spirit Ward 

Black_egg.gifBlack_hatchi.png  Black 
Electric_egg.gifElectric_hatchi.gif Electric (I know it's super common but this breed is very special to me. :D)
Ember_egg.gifEmber_hatchi.gif Ember 
Hellfire_Wyvern_egg.gifHellfire_Wyvern_hatchi.gif Hellfire 


Update - I'm working on a pure blood, even-gen Electric line age, and I want it to go at least to the seventh gen lmao

So yeah, any help would really be appreciated :D

Edited by Soulibur

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ThermoDanone's Wishlist

I accept both inbreds and messy lineages and any gender, unless I specify it near the picture. My wishlist is pretty large, and I'm sorry for this.

Regular Cave droppers (common&uncommon)

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif - Aeon

Aria_egg.png - Aria

9wv90cX.gif - Avatar of Creation, Destruction and Change

Baikala (both variations, picture missing)

Black_egg.gif - Black Regular and Alt

Bolt_egg.gif - Bolt

Celestial_egg.png - Celestial

Crimson_Flare_Pygmy_egg.gif - Crimson Flare Pygmy

Dark_Green_egg.gif - Dark Green Regular & Alt

Dark_Lumina_egg.gif - Dark Lumina

Dark_Myst_Pygmy_egg.gif - Dark Myst Pygmy

Purple_Dorsal_egg.gifRed_Dorsal_egg.gif - Dorsal Purple and Red

Duotone_egg.png - Duotone

Fire_Gem_blue_egg.pngFire_Gem_red_egg.pngFire_Gem_green_egg.png - Fire Gem Blue, Red and Green

Gemshard_egg.png - Gemshard Blue, Red and Green

Gilded_Bloodscale_egg.gif - Gilded Bloodscale

Glaucus_Drake_egg.png - Glaucus Drake

Glory_Drake_egg.png - Glory Day and Night

Greater_Spotted_Drake_egg.png - Greater Spotted Drake

Green_egg.gif - Green

Honey_Drake_egg.gif - Honey Drake

Hooktalon_egg.png - Hooktalon

Howler_Drake_egg.png - Howler Drake

Kyanite_Pygmy_egg.gif - Kyanite Pygmy

Lumina_egg.png - Lumina

Lunar_Heralds_gold_egg.gifLunar_Heralds_silver_egg.gifLunar_Heralds_bronze_egg.gifLunar_Heralds_indigo_egg.gif - Lunar Herald Gold, Silver, Bronze and Indigo

Magelight_Pygmy_Wyvern_egg.gif - Magelight Pygmy

Magi_egg.gif - Magi 

Misfit_Pygmy_egg.gif - Misfit Pygmy

Morphodrake_egg.png - Morphodrake

Nebula_egg.gif - Nebula Blue, Purple, Green and Red

Nexus_egg.png - Nexus

Nilia_Pygmy_egg.gif - Nilia Pygmy

Nocturne_egg.gif - Nocturne

Ochredrake_egg.png - Ochredrake

Pink_egg.gif - Pink

Purple_egg.gif - Purple

Pygmy_egg.gif - Pygmy (Common)

Red_egg.gif - Red

Purple_Ridgewing_egg.gifTan_Ridgewing_egg.gif - Ridgewing Purple and Tan

Seasonal_egg_variations_rotator.gif - any Seasonal

Seawyrm_Pygmy_egg.gif - Seawyrm Pygmy

Spirit_Ward_egg.png - Spirit Ward

Striped_egg_variations_rotator.gif - any Striped egg

Sunrise-Sunset_egg.gif - Sunrise/Sunset

Tarantula_Hawk_Drake_egg.png - Tarantula Hawk Drake

Terrae_egg_variations_rotator.gif - Terrae

Two_headed_egg.gif - Two-Headed (Split)

Two-headed_Lindwurm_egg_variations_rotat - any Two-Headed Lindwurm

Undine_egg.png - Undine Regular and Alt

Zyumorph_coast_egg.pngZyumorph_forest_egg.pngZyumorph_jungle_egg.pngZyumorph_volcano_egg.png - Zyumoprh Coast, Desert, Forest and Volcano


output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif - any Xenowyrm

Ice_egg.gif - Ice

Magma_egg.gif - Magma

Thunder_egg.gif - Thunder

Cheese_egg.gif - Cheese

Neglected_egg.gif - Neglected

Paper_egg.gif - Paper


9wv90cX.gif - any Avatar

Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gif - Dusk Pygmy

Geode_egg.gif - Geode

Hellhorse_egg.png - Hellhorse

Risensong_egg.gif - Risensong

Setsong_egg.gif - Setsong

Shallow_Water_egg.gif - Shallow Water

Soulpeace_egg.gif - Soulpeace

Storm-Rider_egg.png - Storm-Rider

Two-Finned_Bluna_egg.gif - Two-Finned Bluna

Ultraviolet_egg.gif - Ultraviolet

Lineage specific

Sweetling_egg.gif - a Sweetling egg from a non-inbred, not messy lineage involving Alt Sweetling in each generation

Zyumorph_desert_egg.png - a Desert Zyumorph egg from a non-inbred, not messy lineage involving a Sinomorph

Magma_mature_hatchi.gif - a Magma female (perhaps influenced and/or precognised) from a non-inbred, not messy lineage involving a Guardian of Nature


Any Holiday Dragon

Leetle Tree


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Things to keep in mind:

  • I know where Decline is. If it hasn't been rejected within 24 hours, I'm still thinking it over
  • I don't accept inbreds, but messy/long lineages are perfectly fine
  • I really don't care if every ancestor has a name or not
  • Every dragon on my scroll grows up. Freezing's not really my thing
  • Eggs or hatchlings, either is quite alright
  • NO Pygmies, EVER
  • When in doubt, send a PM



user posted imageuser posted image - Alt Black

Ice_egg.gif - Ice

Silver_egg.gif - Silver

Gold_egg.gif - Gold

Copper_egg_variations_rotator.gif - Copper

user posted image - Red Dorsal

user posted image - Tan Ridgewing

user posted image - Tinsel (esp. Silver/Bronze)

user posted image - Shimmer-scale (esp. Gold)

user posted image - Almandine Pyralspite

user posted image - Sunset

user posted image - Green Two-headed Lindwurm

user posted image - Thalassa Xenowyrm

any Ochredrake_egg.png - Ochredrake X Glaucus_Drake_egg.png - Glaucus Drake offspring


Always Accepting:

Ochredrake_egg.png - Ochredrake

Glaucus_Drake_egg.png - Glaucus Drake (esp. Cave Born)

Red_egg.gif - Red

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif - Aeon

Nexus_egg.png - Nexus

user posted image - Nhiostrife Wyvern

Yellow-Crowned_egg.gif - Yellow Crowned


Less Priority/Convince Me:

(for these, it may take more than one before I'll accept)

user posted image - Nebula

user posted image - Hellhorse

user posted image - Scimitar-Wing Wyvern

user posted image -Spirit Ward


Nice to Have but not expecting:

Neglected_egg.gif - Neglected

Any Zombie

Paper_egg.gif - Paper

user posted image - Cheese

Edited by Lyathali

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CB Wishlist (to complete scroll)

Brown Copper (f)

Gold (m)

Guardian of Nature (m)

Gold Floret (f)

Neglected (m/f)

Undead (m)


2nd gen Wishlist (to complete scroll)

Avatar of Creation (m/f)
Avatar of Destruction (m)

Alt Black (m/f)

Carina Blue Nebula x Ridgewing (f)

Carina Blue Nebula x Tan Ridgewing (f)

Carina Purple Nebula x Tan Ridgewing (f)

Carina Green Nebula x Tan Ridgewing (m/f)

Geode (f)

Shallow Water (m/f)

Two-Finned Bluna (m/f)

Ultraviolet (m/f)


Messy Hatchie Wishlist (for freezing)

Aeon Wyvern (m/f)

Albino (m/f)

Almerald (s1/m/f)

Angallis (s1/m/f)

Aria (m)

Azure Glacewing (s1/f)

Avatar of Chaos (s1/m/f)

Avatar of Creation (s1/m/f)
Avatar of Destruction (s1/m/f)

Baikala blue (s1/m/f)

Baikala green (s1/m/f)

Balloon (s1/m/f)

Alt Black (s1/m/f)

Black Capped Teimarr (s1)

Black Tea (s1/m/f)

Blacktip (s1/m)

Bleeding Moon (f)

Blue-Banded (s1/m/f)

Blusang (s1/m/f)

Bolt (s1/m/f)

Bright-Breasted Wyvern (s1/m/f)

Brimstone (s1/m/f)

Brute (s1/m/f)

Candelabra (s1/m/f)

Canopy (s1/m/f)

Carmine Wyvern (m/f)

Cassare (s1/m)

Cheese (s1/s2)

Chicken (s1/s2)

Coastal Waverunner (m/f)

Red Copper (s1/m/f)

Green Copper (s1/m/f)

Brown Copper (s1/m/f)

Crimson Flare Pygmy (s1/m/f)

Alt Dark Green (s1/m/f)

Dark Pygmy (s1/m/f)

Daydreamer (s1/m/f)

Dark Sea (s1/m/f)

Diamondwing (s1/m/f)

Purple Dorsal (m/f)

Red Dorsal (s1/m/f)

Duostone (s1/m/f)

Dusk Pygmy (s1/m/f)

Electric (m/f)

Ember (m)

Falconiform Wyvern (m/f)

Fell (s1/m/f)

Fever Wyvern (s1/m/f)

Blue Fire Gem (s1/m/f)

Red Fire Gem (s1/m/f)

Green Fire Gem (s1/m/f)

Flamingo Wyvern (s1/m/f)

Frill (s1/m/f)

Frostbite (s1/m/f)

Red Gemshard (s1/m/f)

Blue Gemshard (s1/m/f)

Green Gemshard (s1/m/f)

Geode (s1/m/f)

Gilded Bloodscale (s1/m/f)

Glaucus (s1/m/f)

Day Glory (m/f)

Night Glory (s1/m/f)

Gold (f)

Golden Wyvern (s1/m)

Gold-horned Tangar (m/f)

Greater Spotted (s1/m/f)

Green (m)

Guardian (m/f)

Harvest (s1)

Hellfire (s1/f)

Hellhorse (s1/m)

Honey (s1/m/f)

Hooktalon (s1/m)

Horse (s1/m/f)

... to be continued (I need nearly everything)

Edited by Tawa

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Lets see..I dont care about lineages or Its origin or anything like that, I would just like to have them :).

Hatchlings are welcomed,

The only things I really need are:



Snow Angel


Winter Magi






Black Marrow


Cavern Lurker










Radiant Angel



Edited by Ravenxeo

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  • Blusang Lindwyrms
  • Cantormaris
  • Coppers
  • Gemshards
  • Golds
  • Lunar Heralds
  • Nebulae
  • Pyralspites
  • Sapphires
  • Seasonals
  • Silvers
  • Strataes
  • Xenowyrms
  • Zyumorphs
  • Dinos


Specific Mates:

Any Lineage:

  • Neglected Dragons
  • Pinks
  • Purples
  • Reds
  • Vampires
  • Cool/Word Codes (Note: Messy lineages might be frozen)


Edited by Mnkn10

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A Wishlist




  • Aeon Wyvern
  • Albino
  • Almerald
  • Anagallis
  • Antarean
  • Azure Glacewing
  • Baikala
  • Balloon
  • Black Tea
  • Blacktip
  • Bleeding Moon
  • Bolt
  • Bright Breasted Wyvern
  • Candelabra
  • Cassare
  • Celestial
  • Coastal Waverunner
  • Dark Green/Vine
  • Daydream
  • Electric
  • Ember
  • Falconiform Wyvern
  • Fever Wyvern
  • Firegem (All)
  • Flamingo
  • Frostbite
  • Gemshard (blue)
  • Gold
  • Guardian
  • Imperial Fleshcrowne
  • Kingcrowne
  • Lumina
  • Mint
  • Monarch
  • Nocturne
  • Olive
  • Plated Colossus
  • Purple
  • Red-Finned Tidal
  • Royal Blue
  • Royal Crimson
  • Seasonal (Winter/Spring/Fall)
  • Sinii Krai
  • Skywing
  • Spitfire
  • Stone
  • Storm
  • Striped River
  • Sunrise
  • Swallowtail
  • Tetra
  • Tri-Horn Wyvern
  • Tsunami Wyvern
  • Water
  • Water Walker
  • Waterhorse
  • Yellow-Crowned


  • 2G Hybrids
  • 2G Common X Holidays
  • BSA Dragons
  • Drakes
  • Cool Codes
Edited by Themod444

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1 x CB Pink Zyumorph Egg

3 x CB Yellow Zyumorph Eggs

2 x CB Gold Eggs

1 x CB Silver Egg

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My Wishlist

Highest Priority

-CB Neglected (M,F,&UnGen)

-CB Gold (M&F)

-CB Silver (M&F)

-CB Pyro Xenowyrm (F)

-CB Mageia Xenowyrm (M)

-CB Copper (Green:M&F, Red:F, Brown:M)

-CB Ice 


-Paper Dragon

-Cheese Dragon

-Dino (Not yellow or purple)

-BSA dragons

-2nd gen PB alts

Lineaged (Checker unless specified) 

-3rd gen Heartseeker from female Red Nebula

-2nd gen Heartstealing from male Flamingo

-2nd gen Aegis from female Black

-3rd gen Wrapping Wing from female Fever

-2nd gen Caligene from female Cassare

-2nd gen Grave from female Bleeding Moon

-2nd gen Blusang from male Celestial

-2nd gen Silver from female Lunar Herald (Indigo) 

-2nd gen Grave from female Pillow

-3rd gen Tan Ridgewing from male Gold x female Tan Ridgewing

-3rd gen Brimstone from male Silver

-2nd gen PB Gold

-4th gen Tsunami  Wyvern- 2nd gen PB upwards stairstep produces a female which is bred with a male Golden Tinsel to produce a Tsunami Wyvern (Confusing, I know, just PM me if you have a CB male Golden Tinsel)

- 3rd gen White from male Ice

- 3rd gen Gold from female Turpentine

-2nd gen Caligene from male Bleeding Moon

-3rd gen Desipis from male Mageia Xenowyrm

-2nd gen Sweetling from female Zyumorph (pink)

-3rd gen Shadow Walker from female Celestial

-2nd gen Chrono Xenowyrm from male Celestial

-2nd gen Caligene from male Gold


Last updated: 1/8/18


I will accept any unwanted hatchlings or low-time (4 days or less) eggs, regardless of breed, lineage, or gender.

Edited by Splashie

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Miichie's Wishlist 

Generally love having CB Dragons to work with for breeding.
If my ideal dragons have lineages, I prefer a short one and neat as possible. 
I prefer breeding my own hybrids so it'd help a lot to receive the parents of those dragons. 


A Dream Come True (Need):


latest?cb=20101221163536 - 2G Christmas'07 Holly
latest?cb=20090423185228 - 2G Christmas'08 Yuleback 
latest?cb=20101227034458 - 2G Christmas'09 Snow Angel
latest?cb=20101225051954 - 2G Christmas'10 Ribbon Dancer
latest?cb=20111225052022 - 2G Christmas'11 Winter Magis
latest?cb=20121225055209 - 2G Christmas'12 Wrapping-Wing
latest?cb=20131225053132 - 2G Christmas'13 Solstice
latest?cb=20141225051053 - 2G Christmas'14 Mistletoe
latest?cb=20151225050241 - 2G Christmas'15 Aegis
latest?cb=20161225050715 - 2G Christmas'16 Snow

latest?cb=20100401052333 - CB Halloween'08 Vampire (number of bites don't matter)
latest?cb=20101029133918 - 2G PB Halloween'09 Pumpkin
latest?cb=20101101062600 - 2G PB Halloween'10 Black Marrow
latest?cb=20111031040512 - 2G PB Halloween'11 Shadow Walker
latest?cb=20121103040826 - 2G PB Halloween'12 Cavern Lurker
latest?cb=20131031041612 - 2G PB Halloween'13 Grave
latest?cb=20141031040823 - 2G PB Halloween'14 Desipis
latest?cb=20151031040155 - 2G PB Halloween'15 Caligene 
latest?cb=20161031042523 - 2G PB Halloween'16 Witchlight
latest?cb=20171031053452 - 2G PB Halloween'17 Omen


latest?cb=20091226115201 - 2G Valentines'09 Valentine
latest?cb=20100214060518 - 2G Valentines'10 Sweetling
latest?cb=20110214053658 - 2G Valentines'11 Rosebud
latest?cb=20120214050456 - 2G Valentines'12 Heartseeker
latest?cb=20130214051557 - 2G Valentines'13 Arsani
latest?cb=20140214110806 - 2G Valentines'14 Radiant Angel
latest?cb=20150214063338 - 2G Valentines'15 Heartstealing
latest?cb=20160214050112 - 2G Valentines'16 Mutamore
latest?cb=20170219235756 - 2G Valentines'17 Soulstone

Uncommons & Rares
latest?cb=20160822010152 - CB Aeon Wyverns
latest?cb=20160409092534 - CB Coppers 
latest?cb=20150329015520 - CB Gemshards
gold.gif - CB Golds 
latest?cb=20151203095231 - CB Silvers 
latest?cb=20151203095231 - 2G Silver from an Omen parent 
output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif - CB Xenowyrms 

latest?cb=20160530125218 - 2G-3G Prize Shimmer-scales
latest?cb=20130218170731 - 2G-3G Prize Tinsels


Next Desired Priority (Want):

Uncommons & Rares
latest?cb=20120815075436 - CB Blusang Lindwurms
latest?cb=20090715194436 - CB Cheeses (to complete my naming cheese collection)
latest?cb=20100326231405 - CB Ice
latest?cb=20091124051821 - CB Magma
neglected.gif - CB Neglected 
latest?cb=20100327194233- CB Thunder
latest?cb=20170605123114 - CB Zyumorphs (colours other than black)

Parents of the Hybrids
 latest?cb=20110521085052 - CB Crimson Flares to produce a Dusk Pygmy latest?cb=20170625075013
latest?cb=20100326230434 - CB Deep Seas to produce a Bluna latest?cb=20100116232848
latest?cb=20100326231128 - CB Electrics to produce a Stormrider latest?cb=20160710113249
latest?cb=20100326231142 - CB Greens to produce a Geode latest?cb=20101122013655
latest?cb=20100401041551 - CB Hellfire Wyverns to produce a Hellhorse latest?cb=20130525040908
latest?cb=20100326232132 - CB Horses to produce a Hellhorse latest?cb=20130525040908
latest?cb=20100326232645 - CB Magis to produce a Shallow Water latest?cb=20100526071332

latest?cb=20100401041445 - CB Nebulas to produce a Carina latest?cb=20170828210236
 latest?cb=20110521085236 - CB Nilia Pgymy to produce a Dusk Pygmy latest?cb=20170625075013
latest?cb=20100326231236 - CB Purple to produce an Ultraviolet latest?cb=20120522051151
latest?cb=20151105084303 - CB Ridgewings to produce a Carina latest?cb=20170828210236
latest?cb=20100326232320 - CB Skywings to produce a Bluna latest?cb=20100116232848

latest?cb=20100704151956- CB Spitfire to produce an Ultraviolet latest?cb=20120522051151
latest?cb=20090310172424 - CB Stones to produce a Geode latest?cb=20101122013655
latest?cb=20100326233452 - CB Waters to produce a Shallow Water latest?cb=20100526071332
latest?cb=20100704152019 - CB Costal Waverunners to produce a Stormrider latest?cb=20160710113249


Always Accepting & Collecting:
Uncommons & Rares
latest?cb=20100326223523 - CB Blacks
latest?cb=20160710113251 - CB Bolts
latest?cb=20100327003950 - CB Dinos (colours other than red)
latest?cb=20140503170353 - CB Falcorniform Wyverns 
latest?cb=20120123163245 - CB Golden Wyverns 
Paper_egg.gif - CB Papers
latest?cb=20100326231252 - CB Pinks
Pyralspite-egg-rotator.gif - CB Pyralspites 
latest?cb=20100326231225 - CB Reds
Seasonal_egg_variations_rotator.gif- CB Seasonals  
latest?cb=20140802171030 - CB Undines 
latest?cb=20100326225900 - CB Vines 

Completionist Route (Low Priority):
latest?cb=20150427002538 - CB Anagallis 
latest?cb=20160320050143 - CB Anatarans
latest?cb=20160521041840 - CB Arias
latest?cb=20140302125336 - CB Brutes
latest?cb=20130804081540 - CB Duotunes
latest?cb=20160522045206 - CB Glaucus Drakes
 latest?cb=20150521041218 - CB Magelight Pygmys
latest?cb=20150329015425 - CB Plated Colossus 
latest?cb=20120123055741 - CB Royal Blues
latest?cb=20150329015542 - CB Striped Rivers

Edited by Miichie

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Littleangelamy22's Wishlist


My wishlist is to complete my Rosebud project. So what I need are:


2nd Gens where one parents is a Rosebud (such as https://dragcave.net/lineage/AcB0V )

3rd Gens where both parents are the same species x Rosebud (such as https://dragcave.net/lineage/kF9qh )


or maybe even 4th gen and beyond such as https://dragcave.net/lineage/q8ddB or https://dragcave.net/lineage/YqIBE (each non-rosebud species only appears twice, hopefully these pictures all make sense)


I can't have any Rosebud more than once, because I want to get this even-gen lineage as high as possible. Currently I've got up to gen 7 which is https://dragcave.net/lineage/cf2ln



I also never say no to CB or second gen metallics, 2nd or third gen Thuweds (as long as not inbreds) and I love even-gen. Also happy to breed pretty much anything on my scroll in return, I don't have any CB metallics I can breed for you guys, but I have 2nd gen silver and 3rd gen gold, as well as several even-gen tinsels.

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Image result for tumblr dividers transparent


:wub: pretty_thumb's Ultimate List of Dreams :wub: 


|| CB Dreamies ||

Gold_egg.gifGold_hatchi.gif Gold_female_hatchi.gifGold_male_hatchi.gif Gold (m, f) 

Silver_egg.gifSilver_hatchi.gifSilver_female_hatchi.pngSilver_male_hatchi.gif Silver (m, f) 

Neglected_egg.gifNeglected_hatchi.gifNeglected_mature_hatchi.gif Neglected 


|| 2G Dreamies ||

Silver_egg.gifSilver_female_hatchi.png Silver (f) from Mutamore x Silver (x3) 

Silver_egg.gifSilver_male_hatchi.gifSilver (m) from Silver x Heartstealing

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image Mutamore (m) from Mutamore x Soulstone (x2) [unrelated to*]

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image Soulstone (f) from Mutamore x Soulstone [unrelated to*]


|| 3G Dreamies ||


|| 4G+ Dreamies ||


|| Alternate Sprites ||

Alt Vine Dark_Green_egg.gifDark_Green_alt_hatchi.gifDark_Green_alt_mature_hatchi.gif

Alt BlackBlack_egg.gifAlt_Black_crouching_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_crouching_mature_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_sitting_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif



Updating: 02/18/18


Image result for tumblr dividers transparent

Edited by pretty_thumb

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Vixey's Wishlist
• • • • • • • • • •

Want (for side projects):

3G Blusang from checker with male embers (mate for him)
CB Moonstone female 

Gold_hatchi.gif Gold_female_hatchi.gif Gold_male_hatchi.gif
Gold hatchlings. (any gen/lineage)
Silver_hatchi.gif Silver_female_hatchi.png Silver_male_hatchi.gif
Silver hatchlings. (any gen/lineage)



Silver_egg.gif CB Silver
Gold_egg.gif CB Gold 

Neglected_egg.gif  Neglected Dragon

Edited by Vixey

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&eternally pining for

- 2G prizes

- 1- or 2-word names for my dragons

- CB Neglecteds

- 2G Hollies

- 2Gs from CB alts (except Sweetling)

- CB metals (gold/silver)

- 2Gs from spriters' alts

- Armies of CB Halloween hatchlings from the year in which this post is read

- Cookies

&ardently seeking

- 2G prizefails I need

- CB 4- and 5-letter word codes

- 3G stairstep prizes from lines I don't already have

- Perfect checkers from spriters' alts

- CB and nicely-lineaged Zyumorphs for summoning

- Gold and Silvers checkers I need

- Checker mates for holiday dragons

- Swathes of CB hatchlings from whichever release is current at the reading of this post

&cordially inviting

- CB hatchlings

- BSA hatchling bundles (especially Magis, Purples, and Reds)

- 2G alt Blacks

- CB Red Dorsals

- CB rares or uncommons (no two-heads, drakes, unbreedables, or pygmies, please)

- Messy S1 and S2 hatchies for freezing purposes



x Miral

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