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    "There is no good and evil; there is only power, and those too weak to see it." --Lord Voldemort


    Call me Lumos! :)

    I'm a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, and I'm a proud Slytherin!

    I love Doctor Who, and the Tenth Doctor/David Tennant is my favorite!

    I'm a Star Wars nerd, and Kylo Ren is my favorite character - #FirstOrderFTW! :)


    I love collecting all the dragons, and I like to hoard Luminas :D

    **Other favorites: Nhiostrife Wyverns, Royal Crimsons, Night Glory Drakes, Royal Blues, Guardian of Nature, Nebulas, Coppers, Golds, Silvers, Embers, Blacktips, Seragamma Wyverns, Papers, Shimmerscales, Glaucus Drakes, Falconiform Wyverns, Frilled

    **Favorite Holidays: Shadow Walkers, Black Marrows, Hollies, Yulebucks, Snow Angels, Winter Magis, Desipises, Mistletoes, Radiant Angels, Arsanis


    Looking for:
    --CB Gold
    --CB Red Copper
    --CB Green Copper
    --CB Brown Copper

    Check out my wish list (gift box in siggie) for more dragons I'd love to have!


    Lineages I Belong to: Thuwed, Dorkface, Dorkwed, The Hogwarts House Lineage, Warriors Lineage, Signodextras, The Silver Funeral Lineage, The Star Wars Crawlers Lineage

    Member of the following: "If it has a face, it has a name," The Eggy GiveAway, Travels Through Europe Project, Z Project, Doctor Who Project, Travels Through Asia Project


    Thank you to the following people:
    **Darth Krande
    **Ruby Eyes
    --and others (I'm sorry if I'm forgetting you!) who have helped me reach my dragon goals on DC! :D

    --> A huge thank you to Tecca for returning my auto-abandoned AoC egg to me! <--


    IOUs from me:

    IOUs to me:


    V --> 20.11.14
    Z --> 27.2.15
    K --> 7.5.15
    M --> 29.5.15

    CO, DAK