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bring back cb prizes, or the raffle
Posted: Jan 22 2017, 06:11 PM

happy collector of bright pink and frilled dragons

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As much as I don't like limits, I feel that I have to agree with PF13. I'd rather see a limit like with the leetle trees than an in-cave release of Shimmers and Tinsels without limits.

That being said, I still prefer other options. (Shop, holiday event, trophy)
Posted: Jan 22 2017, 11:45 PM

Digital Dragon from the Digital World

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QUOTE (Shokomon @ Jan 19 2017, 08:34 AM)
It seems like the current range of choices for getting CB Prizes back in the game are:
(from most liked in the thread to least liked in the thread)

1) The Store/Trader's Canyon
- Which may or may not happen (Currently: no confirmation by TJ)
- If it does happen, it won't be anytime soon and possibly not in the same way that the request is currently designed.
- Loss of "Prize" association
- Places a price tag on dragons that may make it difficult for different players to afford the dragons due to differing play styles
- Current design allows you to buy as many prizes as you can if you have the points for it, but getting points is limited to a weekly cap
--- Points are gained through catching eggs, raising dragons, breeding, and using BSA's
- Allows you to accumulate enough points to buy a Prize Dragon every 4-5 months if you stockpile all your points, consistently max out your weekly cap, and don't spend on anything else

2) A Prize for Completing [insert Holiday] Event
- 1 Prize Dragon of the player's choice per event per year (so you can only get a single CB prize a year for completing any one of the holiday events that year)
- Alternative: Chance to win 1 Prize per holiday event (Max of 3 prizes a year)
- Relatively easy way to get CB's; just require event completion
- Number of CB obtainable is limited
- Unable to get CB Prize if miss the event
- Maintains "Prize" association

3) A Prize for a specific Mini-Game
- 1 prize of the player's choice per completion of mini-game
- May or may not be tied to specific Dragon Cave Events
- May or may not be able to play multiple times to get more CB Prizes
- May restrict access to CB Prizes for players who can't play [insert mini-game here] well
- Maintains "Prize" association

4) Earning a "Prize" for reaching Achievements (ex: raising/breeding/catching [insert number] Dragons)
- Prizes given from bronze to gold as ascending number of achievements are met
- May be unattainable for players with certain play styles
- Possibly tie getting CB Prizes to trophies?
---- (Will people who already have gold trophies get all the Prize dragons or just gold versions or no prizes at all?)
- Alternative: Win prize for [insert time length] of active play
---- (What defines active play?)
- Maintains "Prize" association

5) "Summon" a Prize Dragon via a BSA of a Dragon
- Can get Prize eggs via a similar mechanic to Summoning GoN's, with all the pros and cons of the "Summon" BSA
- May force players to collect a dragon they were never intending to collect to get the Prize dragons
- Relies on chance for summoning the Prize
- May take years to get prizes if not enough of [insert Dragon breed]
- Loss of "Prize" association, but maintains reward aspect (reward for successful summon)

6) Release in the Cave
- Functions as essentially another shiny rare dragon breed, with all the pros and cons of another shiny rare breed
- Obtainable in the cave to all players
- May be all year round or limited to Holiday Seasons
- No limitations on number or color other than set rarity,
- Biggest influences are outside the game: internet quality, computer age, and the player's physical ability
- May lead to discrepancy in scrolls seen in other CB shiny rares
- May affect trading market similar to other shiny rares
- Good luck finding one
- Good luck catching one
- Loss of "Prize" association, but maintains victory aspect ("You caught a rare!")
- Potential: Much more likeable if the release makes the Prize dragons very common

7) Lotteries
- A Raffle like give a way of CB Prizes (See Raffles for more info)
- Similar pros and cons as Raffles: Random chance, small pool of winners, possible warping of trade market; exacerbated effects of loss of CB prizes due to small numbers in circulation
- Not associated with events
- Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or other time frames for the lotteries (Just not yearly)
- May lower anxiety and toxic nature of raffles by making them more common and predictable
- Removal of custom codes to make it easier for Prize dragons to be distributed
- Potential: Adds on blacklist for those with bad behavior during lotteries
- Potential: Creates rule to let winners repeat getting a prize every [insert time length]
- Potential: Unclaimed Prizes get dropped in to the AP for people to find. (Imagine finding that.)
- Maintains "Prize" Concept

8) Raffles
- Relies solely on chance for players to receive Prize Dragons
- No Longer active at the moment
- Tied to the Winter Holiday Events
- Led to the current situation of a near minuscule amount of players with total control of CB Prize Dragons and low lineage offspring
- Pushed the trading market in the favor of the few players with the CB Dragons
- Loss of breeding CB Prizes from Scroll Burning (multi-scrollers), Frozen Dragons, Released Dragons, Unclaimed Prizes, In-active Players, etc. have an incredible effect on number of CB Prizes and Low gen offspring due to the low number of dragons handed out by this mechanism
- Tends to bring out a toxic atmosphere amongst the playerbase that pits winners against losers
- Maintains "Prize" Concept
- A Very disliked option

Honorable Mention
9) Any one of the above
- Players that just want CB Prizes in some way or form and don't care too much about the method.


Anything I am missing? Any suggestions on changing the order?

Note: This order is not my personal order, but just from what I got from following the thread.
- Numbers 1 and 2 look most liked to me, while Numbers 6, 7, and 8 look most disliked.
- Numbers 3 through 5 are not nearly as clear as which one is more disliked than the other.

Feel free to update the list. I stopped paying attention to this thread, after awhile.

Just to bring up the options we are arguing over.
SockPuppet Strangler
Posted: Jan 23 2017, 12:00 AM

Wednesday has been canceled due to a scheduling potato.

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QUOTE (Shokomon @ Jan 22 2017, 09:45 PM)
Just to bring up the options we are arguing over.

Celly, maybe you could quote this post in the OP so the options are easily referenceable?
Posted: Jan 23 2017, 10:10 AM

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QUOTE (SockPuppet Strangler @ Jan 23 2017, 12:00 AM)
Celly, maybe you could quote this post in the OP so the options are easily referenceable?

what page is it on originally so i can quote it?

This post has been edited by CellyBean on Jan 23 2017, 10:11 AM
Posted: Jan 23 2017, 10:18 AM


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You can quote Shokomon's post on this page. Just remove the double quote code.
Posted: Jan 23 2017, 10:58 AM

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got it thank you
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