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678c603c2a5608639a4084d8364c43a3.png  Tales of Ostlea stole me from DC <3 2csfhjm.png Join us! :)

Missing unlimited time to hatch or trade? a shop or public market? donation stuff you can possibly earn via gameplay? wider achievable goal choice? weekly multiclutches you can choose to keep whole? tabs? 3-days long New Release floods affecting only the release-dropping biome? no account-wide breed-limits? no single-gendered critters? full controll over gender? balanced unfreezing? impossibility to get trolled by a 3rd party? approachable and responsive staff? fair distribution of Spriter's Alts based on work contributed instead of all on holiday sprite releases only? Wanna have a way to hatch regular eggs within minutes if you choose to? hide chosen critters from view? feel safe that death will NOT ruin anything you worked on? no RNG-exclusives? (and much more) Give Tales of Ostlea a good trial<3



I breed on request. Don't be shy, I'm mass breeding them anyway to expand progenies!

Each of my DC dragons has 1lifelong mate(same breed)! &plz, do sth with GoNs..:'( (PBing&limit:5)


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    18. Jan 2018: "it is the last straw that breaks the camel's back"
    - on rage-quit hiatus from DC (no active playing and no more forum activity)

    I basically moved to Tales of Ostlea now.


    I'm ALWAYS LOOKING FOR AUTO ABANDONED EGGS BRED FROM MY HOLIDAY COUPLES! (hint: parents asking in their names, parents' owner: Aniusia483)
    WHY? I'm trying to complete the families, I need 4 frozens from >>my couple's<< offspring (1xS2 m, 1xS2 f, 1xS1 m, 1xS1 f) and 4 years of breeding is ages D=
    Please, check your caught holiday eggs' parents' names^^ I'll be glad if you didn't ignore these. I'm willing to trade for them if you consider them valuable!


    I'm not rude... I'm a non-native of Eng.^^;
    (...and native to a rather straightworward language where e.g. 'please' is rare and unnatural)
    besides, I'm an INTP which doesn't help...

    Naming system: Latin based name and:


    animation (watching movies of classic Disney and Dreamworks type)
    some PC games (e.g. The Witcher 2&3, Dead by Daylight, Skyrim, mutiplayer Dark Souls)


    Please, TJ09, introduce the SCROLL name change option asap *prays* mine is a shameful bane;@;


    I'd love ALL dragons to:
    *be two-gender (M&F) (Christmases and Valentines: It's about you! - Unless you'd be receiving equivalent mates created and released to match you in particular, always next year to your release)
    * be limited to 5 instead of 3, if they really have to be limited (Guardians of Nature)
    * be able to breed true (GoN)
    * have growth stages (srsly game...!? -_- Sino - 2017 RIP)
    - to make my scroll goal be 100% consequent for all breedable dragon breeds without exeptions (for which I have to make a poor frustrating sollutions or I can't have one:()
    DC is getting on my nerves for discriminating yet another kind of a completionist goal... I'm loosing the point of playing...


    I have one of the most obvious goals(just + monogamy) for a game like this... but it's unreachable...

    >My AIM on DC< is to completete families built of 5 members:
    1 M-F adult couple (monogamously mated till the hell freezes over - because they're in love)
    1 M-F hatchling couple
    1 ungendered hatchling
    (Just please, don't block my frozens from getting their right names^^;)
    it counts for all DC species... however:
    I'm very sad and frustrated because of limits on several species(e.g. GoN - why 3 not 5?D:)... they'll ruin the awesomness of the whole scroll as well as their happiness D:

    Anything below Cheese 'family' doesn't belong to my scroll.



    *new releases(2017):

    1 CB Neglected: F
    - trade with tjsweepers (1/2)
    (10BSAs per ND, priority: pink>magi>red,>violet>green)
    my part: BSA 20/20


    *New holidays:
    - ?

    **Undeads(all stages):
    - 3x Drak (aka. DC Drake) (Greater Spotted, Forest)
    - 3x Western (Nocturne, Alpine)
    - 1x Eastern (Striped River, Forest)
    - 2x Drake (aka. Wingless) (Mint, Volcano)
    - 1x Lindwurm (Red-finned Tidal, Coast)
    - 1x Amphiptere (Sunsong, Jungle)
    - 2x Leviathan (Deep Sea, Coast)
    - 2x Wyrm (Mageia, Desert)
    - 2x Two-headed (Hooktalon, Desert)
    - 3x Two-headed Leviathan (Baikala, Coast)
    - 2x Pygmy (Mysfit, Jungle)
    - 4x Pygmy Eastern (Kyanite, Forest)
    - 4x Pygmy Lindwurm (Seawyrm, Coast)
    - 1x Pygmy Wyvern (Magelight, Alpine)
    (completed: 2-headed Lindwurm, Wyvern)
    Total progress:

    *hopeless(all stages):
    - Guardian of Nature family - 2 frozens (lack: limit of at least 5, +breeding true)
    - Sinomorph hatchings :/ (lack: having growth stages at all)

    I owe:
    * PB yellow Zyu to Lilly (for ND) (waiting for a come-back)
    * 25 Embers (WIP) to RWyvern for art commission

    Owed to me:
    * 1 CB ND from tjsweepers (for 10:1 BSAs) - on hold

    Free Breeding list:
    Ice, Magma - Clara (:
    Pink, White Zyu - diablokitty
    Soul Peace - chandelotic (waiting for come-back)
    Fire Gems, 1 each - Loki.Dottir (left: red) (waiting for a come-back)
    Undines (for alt) - Yukimura_Ai, alphadaykeeper(2g)

    I need help to get:
    -CB Zombie fodders: Mageias Kyanites(Forest!), Baikalas (Coast!).

    Contact: Tales of Ostlea PM, Deviantart note (VixenDra) or furaffinity (Draffectionates; address the note to Anna)

    For DC I share my PC with a total of 4 other people, 1 more often, others rather occassionally, and rarely with a 5th.