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18qkmim.png Meet Aryena&Billie from my old "Draffectill" anti-racist project<3 (TBC)By Your Side (Draffectill)
  I was just 14 when I developed the core of it:) The adult me only tries to finish^^
The project is not suitable for racist-wired minds.

DC: Looking for 100% PureBred 2g Prizes (aX x aX),1 PB female 2g SA from black Arcanas, 2x PB 2g Hollies.
PM, please. IOU friendly
for active Forum users. 2g Prizes available!

Plz always inform me about discarding my spritework - I like to give each my work a new life whenever applicable instead of having it dead where it's useless.

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    . ..~* ART COMMISSIONS *~.. .
    I am a commissionable artist: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZOUoiBjHf36-Jxvzj2OMPIo8GuncoWRwxy8UFf_kBPU/


    2018: "it is the last straw that breaks the camel's back"
    - on rage-quit hiatus from majority of DC forum, especially the toxic suggestions area.

    How many times can you explain a one simple thing and still see people pretend you explained nothing? and consantly twist your words to diminish you and ignore your point???
    Well, I'm done here. For good (not counting all the masochistic times when I post anyway).
    This toxic place only makes me aggressive.

    I AM available for stuffs owed to me and that I owe, new Trades as well.


    WHY? I'm trying to complete the families, I need 3-4 frozens from >>MY couples'<< offspring (1xS2 m, 1xS2 f, 1xS1 m & 1xS1 f) and 3-4 years of breeding is ages D=
    Please, check your caught holiday eggs' parents' names^^ I'll be glad if you didn't ignore these. I'm willing to trade for them if you consider them valuable! I'm open for uneven deals to get them back.
    If you refuse to use forum, try the Trading Hub with the keyword "VixenDra" and info what you want for it.


    I'm not rude... I'm not native to Eng and can't sense it^^;
    (...and I'm native to a rather straightworward language where e.g. 'please' is rare and unnatural)
    besides, I'm an INTP which doesn't help...

    DC Naming system: Latin based name and:


    Draffectill (my Dragoness x human anti-racist project)
    fantastic and regular animals and anthros of them (no, it doesn't make me a furry:/)
    animal plushies
    animated movies (regular Disney and Dreamworks type)
    some PC games (e.g. The Witcher 2&3, Skyrim, mutiplayer Dark Souls, multiplayer Isaac)


    Please, TJ09, introduce the SCROLL name change option asap *prays* mine is a shameful bane;@; I feel too ashamed to trade anymore-_- (ANTI history access:/ or I won't be able to non-IOU trade ever again, not to mention display my scroll. Nobody needs to be reminded my long forgotten scroll name, it's of no use to anyone! Just make our scrolls display a NUMERICAL ID for the fans of blacklists (or better yet, just make user blocking possible instead), but let the abandoned nicknames go forever!)


    I'd love (and actually NEED) ALL dragons to:
    * be two-gender (M&F) (Christmases and Valentines: It's about you! - Unless you'd be receiving equivalent mates created and released to match you in particular, always next year to your release, or better, 2 matching breeds of opposite genders at a time; I'd also consider rising the CB limit to at least 5 as an alternative to build homosexual families the way I collected e.g. Papers, Chickens or Undeads)
    * be limited to min. 5 instead of 3, if they really have to be limited (Guardians of Nature)
    * be able to breed true if otherwise breedable (GoN)
    * have growth stages (srsly game...!? -_- Sino - 2017 DC RIP you ruined the entire game to me while not adding anything valuable and worth it to the game overall -_- a new "mechanic" for a new mechanic's sake:/)
    - to make my scroll goal be 100% consequent for all breedable dragon breeds without exeptions (for which I have to make poor frustrating sollutions or I can't have one:()
    DC is getting on my nerves for discriminating yet another kind of a completionist goal... I'm loosing the point of playing... If only haven't I wasted so many years of unrewarding hard work here already...

    Tales of Ostlea has NO such problems... TJ, you could learn from it on that.


    I have one of the most obvious goals(just + monogamy) for a game like this... but it's unreachable...

    >My AIM on DC< is to completete families built of 5 members:
    1 M-F adult couple (monogamously mated till the hell freezes over - because they're in Love)
    1 M-F hatchling couple
    1 ungendered hatchling
    (Please, don't block my frozens from getting their right names^^;)
    it counts for all DC species... however:
    I'm very sad and frustrated because of limits on several species(e.g. GoN - why 3 not 5?D: and Sino, you gamebreaker...) - they ruin the awesomness of my entire scroll :<

    My frustratingly incompletable scroll: https://dragcave.net/group/13377


    (except breedable frozens, new releases will be counted only after a monthfull since release)

    *year-round adults:


    *New holidays:

    **Undeads(all stages):
    Total progress:
    90/90 +the unreleased subtypes

    *hopeless(all stages):
    - Guardian of Nature family - 2 frozens (lack: limit of at least 5, +breeding true while being otherwise breedable)
    - Sinomorph hatchings :/ (lack: having growth stages at all)
    - 3 CB frozens per one-gender Holiday (lack: CB limit of at least 5).

    I need help to get:
    - truly PB prizes: [male Gold Shimmer], male Bronze Tinsel, pair: Silver-, Bronze Shimmers, Gold-, Silver Tinsels
    I owe:
    * PB yellow Zyu to Lilly (for ND) (waiting for Lilly's come-back, failed to accept my egg)

    Owed to me:
    +art egg-commissions:
    *Draffectionates from RWyvern (since: December 2017)

    Ongoing Deals:
    - Bodecia's PB Gold Shimmer for his PB offspring

    Contact: furaffinity (Draffectionates; address the note to Anna), Twitter(Vixendra), Deviantart note (VixenDra), or ToO Discord if you know it

    For DC I share my PC with a total of 4 other people, 1 pretty often, others rather occassionally, and rarely with a 5th.