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Please help my trans grandson

I do have a memory. It just doesn't work


RHmwiiO.gif  I breed for free. PM politely.sigpix.jpg.c8d5c82b9054802df46f06a6c5ad12d9.jpg.998dee2c0d3e0411d48d3cf55ee2410b.jpgP9zB2CY.gif.cccf0c11a636ce85bb55474b1de49daa.gifLdWommv.jpg  clocks.gif     flurp.png Are you lucky ? dpfwyc.png iLcrA5q.gif shoko.png fuzzbucket.jpg


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    I breed for free. Please ask politely, and don't demand your "rights". (except oddsoxdi... SHE haz RIGHTS !) (so does Herk.)

    But please, if you ask for something, make sure you have a free slot and pick it up quickly. I can't guarantee to hold things for days. OR tell me exactly when you want me to breed, and BE here to collect your eggs, OK ?