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~*~My Wishlist~*~ My Art Thread! no trade currently

Will trade extensively for ANY code with Sei in it!


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    I am scroll 256188. Scroll was created December '08. And yet, my first dragon grew up on May 4, 2010.... I've been on DC for over a decade. holy crap.

    Often times SLOW due to life and who I am as a person.


    Average response time lately has been: a few days


    --They / Them / He / Him
    --Pansexual, Panromantic
    --UW Madison B.S. in Geology and Environmental Studies
    --Enjoys drawing
    --Attempting to learn Pixeling
    --Roleplays simultaneously too much and not enough
    --Overall friendly and easy going
    --Even if my typing pattern makes me seem irritated
    --Has Anxiety and Depression
    --Perpetually stuck in the loop of using too many emoticons
    --Wandering4Ever is usually my universal handle (Deviantart, Tumblr, Dragcave, etc)

    ~*~*~Dragcave Related~*~*~
    --Hoarder of Hellfires
    --Always in need of Pinks, Reds, and Aeons
    --Especially Aeons
    --Other desires can be found in Wishlist in Signature
    --WILL BREED for you (99% of the time for free)
    ====send me a PM of the desired pairing, and I will tell you if it is possible
    --IOU Friendly
    ====but reserve the right to turn down an IOU offer if uncomfortable with it



    **I have recieved a Hellfire x Dazzling Girl (Shine) offspring**
    His line shall be the ONLY Dazzling Girl x Hellfire line.
    Forest has no intention of breeding Shine to another hellfire. His offspring will be Gen3, just to clarify. He is a 2013 Silver Shimmer offspring.

    UNDERSTAND THAT SEIKO BREEDS HORRIBLY. He took nearly a year to produce another shiny baby.
    That being said. If you are interested in his unique Shine x Hellfire line, continue reading.

    I will no longer be keeping an official list for Seiko.
    It took from 2013 until 2017 just to fulfill the tiny list of 5 people I had. I do not want to be stuck in that breeding loop again, and I especially do not want to make people wait that long again.
    HOWEVER, if you are EXTREMELY interested in a Gen3 offspring from Seiko, PM Me. We may be able to work something out.
    I am not the type to demand multiple CB metals for his offspring. I prefer to look at your scroll and see what you are capable of producing/catching.
    That being said, on trades I post publicly, it will be based on best offer given.

    I also am capable of breeding Gen4's of the Dazzling Girl x Hellfire line.
    Again, everything about Seiko applies here too. If you're extremely interested, PM me. Otherwise, just keep an eye out for trades.


    ((if I ever owe you, do NOT be afraid to message me and inquire about the status of the IOU. my memory is not the best. i may have forgotten. i am only human, but i try))
    --Angel of Whispers || 0/2 Shimmerkin of Sei's