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~*~My Wishlist~*~ My Art Thread! no trade currently

Will trade extensively for ANY code with Sei in it!


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    I am scroll 256188. Scroll was created December '08. And yet, my first dragon grew up on May 4, 2010.... I've been on DC for 11 years. holy crap.

    Often times SLOW due to life and who I am as a person.


    Average response time lately has been: a few days


    --They / Them / He / Him
    --Pansexual, Panromantic
    --UW Madison B.S. in Geology and Environmental Studies
    --Enjoys drawing
    --Attempting to learn Pixeling
    --Roleplays simultaneously too much and not enough
    --Overall friendly and easy going
    --Even if my typing pattern makes me seem irritated
    --Has Anxiety and Depression
    --Perpetually stuck in the loop of using too many emoticons
    --Wandering4Ever is usually my universal handle (Deviantart, Tumblr, Dragcave, etc)

    ~*~*~Dragcave Related~*~*~
    --Hoarder of Hellfires
    --Always in need of Pinks, Reds, and Aeons
    --Especially Aeons
    --Other desires can be found in Wishlist in Signature
    --WILL BREED for you (99% of the time for free)
    ====send me a PM of the desired pairing, and I will tell you if it is possible
    --IOU Friendly
    ====but reserve the right to turn down an IOU offer if uncomfortable with it



    **I have recieved a Hellfire x Dazzling Girl (Shine) offspring**
    His line shall be the ONLY Dazzling Girl x Hellfire line.
    Forest has no intention of breeding Shine to another hellfire. His offspring will be Gen3, just to clarify. He is a 2013 Silver Shimmer offspring.

    UNDERSTAND THAT SEIKO BREEDS HORRIBLY. He took nearly a year to produce another shiny baby.
    That being said. If you are interested in his unique Shine x Hellfire line, continue reading.

    I will no longer be keeping an official list for Seiko.
    It took from 2013 until 2017 just to fulfill the tiny list of 5 people I had. I do not want to be stuck in that breeding loop again, and I especially do not want to make people wait that long again.
    HOWEVER, if you are EXTREMELY interested in a Gen3 offspring from Seiko, PM Me. We may be able to work something out.
    I am not the type to demand multiple CB metals for his offspring. I prefer to look at your scroll and see what you are capable of producing/catching.
    That being said, on trades I post publicly, it will be based on best offer given.

    I also am capable of breeding Gen4's of the Dazzling Girl x Hellfire line.
    Again, everything about Seiko applies here too. If you're extremely interested, PM me. Otherwise, just keep an eye out for trades.


    ((if I ever owe you, do NOT be afraid to message me and inquire about the status of the IOU. my memory is not the best. i may have forgotten. i am only human, but i try))
    --Angel of Whispers || 0/2 Shimmerkin of Sei's