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I've quit. Consider all ious fulfilled on your behalf.

I'm glad to be gone, but I want to dedicate a special thanks to anyone that has ever helped me/been kind to me.

And a big screw you to those who have been rude, cruel and insensitive towards me. 

Mi malbenas ilin, mi esperas, ke iliaj vivoj estas plena de doloro kaj suferas tiom multe, kiom mi suferis.





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    QUITTING FOR GOOD. Consider all IOUs fulfilled on your behalf.

    A wonderful thank you to all the kind people here who have helped me fulfill scroll goals or have gifted me, or aided me with the creation of a concept <3

    This game has brought me a fleeting sense of happiness, but in more ways than one, it has brought more pain than joy into my life. I don't fit in here, I am far too troubled and far too different. Life has been harsh enough to me, I need not remain in a place that worsens my quality of life even more so. My experiences with this community have also been negative to a certain extent (looking at you, DC Discord), and have indirectly contributed to my decision to quit. I met some nice people there, but my negative experiences with those who have not been as kind (or who have become unkind) are not easily forgotten. I generally do better as an independent individual rather as one who is part of a closely knit community. Growing closer to a community (particularly one that is known to be toxic) can only perpetuate negativity. I did not feel accepted, but rather, judged.

    I know you won't miss me. It's bittersweet, but it's best for me to say good-bye.