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    I will be far less active within the forums. Still checking PMs about once per week, will keep track of IOUs and fulfill pending breeding requests.

    I O U

    Pending IOUs:

    (From Me)
    Liddy: I owe 2G Rares from Mints

    (To Me)
    shortaxel: 2G Silver Tinsel from Sunset
    waywardnonnie: 2G Silver Shimmer from ???
    harpuiapwnsyou: 2G Bronze Shimmer from Anagallis
    Agait: 2G Bronze Tinsel from Antarean
    HollowSoul: 2G Gold Tinsel from Water
    Luxrayx: 2G Gold Tinsel from Aeon
    Yukino: 1 CB Gaia

    M I S C

    I breed upon request! The only condition is that you're unlocked and ready to receive the egg at around the time that I've bred it for you.