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Naming based on code

Have you named a dragon based on it's code?  

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The majority of my dragons are named via their code, although I'm starting to drift away from it now, I still try to use the first letter.


Some of my more obvious ones/favourites as examples:

Zekke (zkzN)

Lhaqua (LhqZ)

Iakuu (ia7U)

Tyzape (TZPe)

Byrndazke (BnDz)

G'kariah (Gkar)

Meiis (Meis)

Hasuike (HUSW)

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I don't do it unless I get one that instantly strikes me as "hey, that's cool!"

I was going to name my bred silver after its code if it turned out female, since I really liked the code (sqtX). Too bad he gendered male.

I traded him to someone who liked the code, though, so I hope they name him appropriately. :]

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ack, i voted No, I haven't had any usable codes, so then i looked at my current dragons and saw that my little purple had the code m7pv, and i proceded to name her MVP, wich stands for most valuable player.

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Only once, with Hamsi.

She had a sibling whose code was H4Mz.

(Translated from 1337=Hams)

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Only once. My frozen male Mint is named "Chris of December" because his code is "Noel", Chris coming from Chrismas and December obviously being the month of said holiday.

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Nope, I make up names. The names would turn out weird if I used their codes. =P

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Yopp: Yopp

DAWG: Dawg-


The first one is the code, and the second is the name, if you couldn't tell. XD

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I know this thread is old, but I didn't want to duplicate, and I have an awesome code that I'm totally thinking of keeping in the name.


My Magi egg is npc6 (caps messed). Yay NPC's! Without them, what kind of barren wasteland of gaming we would live in!


Also, my winter egg code is eien (caps messed) but when I first looked at it, I thought it was Elen, so I was like "I hope this one's a girl!" (Plus, I need a Winter Female for the Seasonal Breeding!)

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Wise- Abysmal Wisdom(I went through a lot of variants of names with Wise in it before settling for this)

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5pm5==> Enigma's Happy Hour

f4Zy==> Enigma's Champagne (code reminded me of fizzy heh)

And I currently have sOAR, a skywing I hadn't planed on keeping that will be named for the code some how smile.gif TBA when it genders heh

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awr, npc would be 'sell me your loot' if I had it, :]



BedS = mattress giant

LACe = chantelle lace

xuxu = xu xu

ennu = ennu

dj15 = deejay

UmLr = exit stage left

RhAQ = rhaq

xGzr = gozar

wRPd = warped tour

Aarp = health benefits

3XLw = wide load

Jmic = jem is rockin' the mic

FuJQ = i hate jump quests

8LnO = leave name and offer

pjTL = i like pajamas

V2kR = version two

M41s = mister mais

Qebi = qebi

NYaM = nyam

O3uU = obuu

NegO = type o negative

XPNK = ex-punk

Tv18 = mature audiences only

12PC = twelve piece

AZtm = bohemian rhapsody

drye = drye

wand = meine wanderlust


As for the wife...

LAgg = Appropriate Code

bLdr = Bob the Builder

zNis = Nisrock

fLrA = Florida Park Ranger (rofl?)

KEVz = Stolen Property

PoGs = Pogs

HAts = WEARIN' YER HATS (he's a grandbaby of I'M IN YER CAVE x CLICKIN' YER EGGS)

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I have a vine with the code UPBT. Someone suggested an awesome name based on that, but because the parent's naming scheme seemed to be about angels, I restrained myself.



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Yup. PwnD (PwnD), Xita (xita), Weakling (WeaK), Government (Govt), Halo 3 (hALO) and Giggly The Great (GGIy) xd.png

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With the exception of a couple (my first silver and gold), I base all my dragon's names of their codes. Small sample:


Plateva PL8v

Sabith Sabh

Yoa and Aya YOAY

Stevira sTVr

Haninewa hNnW


Those were the easier ones to work out....



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awr, npc would be 'sell me your loot' if I had it, :]


That is awesome happy.gif Now you've got me thinking a little more outside the box! MY hubby DMs a ton of stuff, and you've got him rolling out the names!

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I caught a black egg with an awesome code and I now have several named after their codes


Mifs-Mifs (this is the one that started it for me)

Gekor-g3K4 (If he had been a girl it would have been Geka)

Zacqui-ZcQC (Was tempted to call him Zacquic)

Kygor-kYg1 (To bad he was male or he would have been Kygi)

FauxBAM-FxBM (I don't know what I was thinking)

Two Dimentions-TuDi (Get it? 2D, Two Dimentions. He's a split, too!)

A Forque-o4QQ (Mainly the middle two characters)


I was also tempted to call Grildragos (code GNBF) Good Night Best Friend, but chose not to.

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Oh yes! biggrin.gif

I sometimes just pick eggs for having a cool code.


I have:

Idio - 2idi

Acne - acne

Ikah - iKaH

Ovne - OVnE

Quizzic - Qzic

Sundis - Sund

Evex - xEVE

Zafew - zAFw

Kawi (like Kawaii)- CHbI

Ferie - Feri

Pirates - ARRu

Xandera - XNDr

Tada - tadO

Hylda - HYLA

Ceses (pronounced Cee-Es-Es) - htm7

Luegi - lUG2

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I usually like to find a name with a related meaning (because I'm a geek) or derive a name from the dragon's parents'. I have got one dragon named after his code, though - Erufiel (fiel).

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All of my Dinos are named after their codes, just 'cause I'm lazy.


And here are my other dragons named after their codes:

YUMS - Yuhms

Logo - Rhetorical Logos

HrhR - Hurhur

rOAd - Cobblestone Path

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Mostly, I'll get inspiration for names from one or two letters in the code. However...


iLlu = Illuminati Lux


bLto = Storm of the BLT Sandwich (I feel horrible for giving him that name, but it *was* better than Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato...)

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I've never done it so far, but I will do it if my hatchling turns out to be male. If it's a female I can't use the name

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