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Looking for 3G/4G PB Golds with all nicely named ancestors! Please PM me if you can breed! I can do a bloodswap, hatch CB's, or breed from my scroll. Thanks!


I like nice names in lineages, so if I trade or gift to you an egg I bred with unnamed parents, please PM me! I have forgotten to name them!

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    None :)

    (If you do not see my IOU to you on this list within 48hrs of our agreement, please PM me to make sure I add it on here because I use this list to keep tabs on my IOU's. I haven't lost track yet because I don't stack up too many, but this is just a safety precaution in case one day I forget!)


    Gifts to others
    2G Purple Nebula from M Purple Nebula x F GoN


    Pending trades
    ArielGrint - Bloodswap 3G Gold from Soulstone (unrelated to 2G)


    IOU's to me
    jerzeeshadow - 3G Silver Tinsel from Pillow