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I like nice names in lineages, so if I trade or gift to you an egg I bred with unnamed parents, please PM me! I have forgotten to name them!


Always looking for Purple hatchies (any lineage/gender/stage). Willing to offer a 2G from Gold/Silver with your choice of mate that I own (sorry, I'm missing some breeds), 1:1 trade. Holiday mates excluded. Please PM me to set up a trade. Thank you!



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    IOU's to others

    Vain.3805 - 4G Silver Lunar Herald from Aegis, 2G PB Gold, or 2G PB Silver


    Breeding requests

    DragonRoz - 2G Gold from Val 09


    Pending trades

    Miral - 2G Val 09 from Silver on 2/10
    nerys - 2x 2G White Striped from Val 09 (1/2 done)


    IOU's to me

    Alexiel Dragoness’ sis - 2G Sweetling from Mistletoe x Alt Sweetling
    jerzeeshadow - 3G Silver Tinsel from Pillow