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My DA page Flight Rising Lair ~Wishlist~ ***On semi-hiatus. Will be around for new releases but not much more than that. Will still respond to PMs, however.***DCbutton.jpg2w318qg.jpgARK2-1.gif*Dreams* 2g Bronze Shimmer x Tri-horn (male line), 2g Silver Shimmer x Nhiostrife I generally will only accept IOUs for Prizes and NDs.

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    I'm in PST (UTC -8), please keep that in mind when PMing/trading with me!

    Wishlist! (updated Apr 3, 2015)

    ~*Note: Unless otherwise stated, I don't want dragons higher than 2g!*~

    *Priority Stuff*

    -Any lineage-

    Neglected – Preferably female, but I'm not going to be picky with this one

    *Nice to haves (but lower priority)*

    -CB only- (not all the ones I need, will add/change as needed)

    Green Coppers - 1m & 1f
    Brown Coppers - 1m & 1f

    -2 gen only-
    Shallow water - 1f

    -Any lineage-

    Reds - (new release made me realize I don't have enough XD)

    -Must be clean, neat. Staircase/Spiral preferred-
    *note: gender preference is just that, a preference, due to wanting to keep the # of males and females even for the breed*
    Bronze Tinsel – 2nd gen.
    Gold Tinsel – 3rd gen or less, male preferred.
    Silver Tinsel – 2nd gen.
    Bronze Shimmer - 3rd gen or less, male preferred
    Gold Shimmer - 3rd gen or less, male preferred
    Silver Shimmer - 3rd gen or less

    -Freeze fodder (any lineage)-
    Copper Red - ungendered and female
    Gold - female
    Alt Undine - ungendered

    2g Bronze Shimmer x Tri-horn (male line preferred)
    2g Silver Shimmer x Nhiostrife

    *My IOU policy* - I don't like IOUs, but I will accept/give them if it is something that can be fulfilled quickly. Examples:
    - Catching/breeding BSAs dragons? No problem.
    - Catching/breeding rare or other hard to get dragons (like CB blusangs)? Forget it!


    **I will not re-trade eggs/hatchlings I get from others**

    Things I will NEVER accept as gifts/in trades:

    Inbreds (exception: NDs, Vampires, Freeze fodder, BSAs)
    Water Horses
    Water Walkers
    Wave Runners