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Naming based on code

Have you named a dragon based on it's code?  

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As I already have 3 dragons with names that are based on their codes I wonder if anyone else has done it too. Have you got any?


I have:

The CaKe is a Lie ( code = "CaKe" )


Salty snAX ( code = "snAX" )


Why Gus ( code = "YGUS" )


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I've done it a few times with codes I liked.


Tajo (code = tajO)

Kipz (code = klPz)

Zibloc (code = BLOc)

chEEPz (code = EEPz, and this is a chicken, nonetheless! xd.png)

Fraken (code = FrAK, play on Kraken)

Patuf (code = 2pAf, switched the sounds around a bit)


I guess that's a bit more than a few though. >_> lol

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lol oh yes i do that all the time XDDD


Xisk - Xisk


Enyoy - eONY


StAr Stone - StAr


Nikous - ck13


Ryvas - RVas

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I've done that several times


Xovali - Xovy (too bad it was a female, or I would have named it Xovy)

Erkquid - 7qkd

Erimix - eRmx

Ozl'pit - Ozpt

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1Kzp - Kizzup

Wdir -Dream Wing (really mutilated, but I did name it after it's code!)

vIN9 -'Vine

DoTz -Dotz (Liked the code so much, I kept a dragon I really wasn't planning on)

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Admittedly, I haven't been able to do that yet, mostly due to the codes of my dragons haven't been usable. Had a few that might have worked, like BUGB and I currently have a hatchling code VAMT which depending on the gender I might try and use, somehow, but not sure how.


I do pay attention to codes though, just incase.

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I almost did.


Okhropir was supposed to be "Ealn" after his code, but I kinda forgot. lol.


I might start naming my dragons after their codes, if I have usable ones. (My magi hatchling is getting named Feft after its code if I remember. Might do it now since it's not gender specific)


Edit: lol okay I did it. Now named Feft.

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The first dragon I ever named's first names was based on his code: LAgZ -Lagaz (more appropriate for a female black dragon, but it was too perfect to pass up).


It also become somewhat of a tradition with the mint dragons:


neMe -Neme

QW5b -Quiwab

1q4l -Iqual

ufpn -Ufonpun

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I don't have any yet... Well, kinda, I have a pebble named Kristine Sa, with the code VNfo. Kristine Sa is the name of a singer of Vietnamese descent. I named her before I knew her code...

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I have not had any good codes that a name could be derrived from....

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I have one, it is related to the code


Code: YUMY

Name: Pizza (Just because Pizza is delcious)

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I have one that I based the name from the way the code read and also working with the parents name.


It's a split I named Kerril du'Dronett (A4nb)= A foriegn bee. I was working on the "bee" aspect, hince the "drone" part of the name, but it is also based off the parents:

Mother: Sybil Dorsett

Father: Duodendron


I was hoping it would be a male, to mate with my other split, (drone's being the male bee), but I guess putting the "ett" on the end turned it female. Oh well, got to get another egg for another try. LOL.

Edited by Rebecca Iavelli

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Yeah, sometimes I do :3


Ponz - Ponz

Rent - rent

AaXs - Axene

Naughty - ....The board filters it XD;

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My last mint that grew up had the code Bjoy, and I intended to name her "Be Joy"... But then I forgot and named her Rozelle (sort of after her parents, Roshis and Tweezle).


Poor Niffapaz is named after his code (NFPz). I couldn't think of anything to name him at the time, so...


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I have a few codes now that are calling out to be turned into names (jooy, etc.), but I have a naming system as well, so trying to integrate the two may not be easier!

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Nope, none of my dragons names are based off of code, and unless I get a really neat one, I probably will never do so.

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I always use codes to name mine. Numbers are treated as if they are in l33t. Of course, some turn out simpler than others...


YYc8 = Ylys Ceba

1P15 = Iepalis

cKry = Cokry

AaYi = Aayi

pkWY = Parkway

FFiI = Final Fantasy II

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I have one and am contemplating on another.


Blue Dino - code eyPY ==> DH S'eypy

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yeppers biggrin.gif



3OSq - Squeeee

QDVN - Queen Devon

TbKy - Tobakey

Z5SS - Zeuss

S1WD - Swid

Gd4z - Gadz

MWuk - Malik Mawuk

gUKI - Guki

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I only have a few






Icey One-IcE1 xd.png


dIAs-Gold Dias (Because Dias was taken ^^; )

I'll tell you a funny thing about Icey One if you ask ^^

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