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    ~~My dream is to have a 2nd generation prize dragon. :) If you can help me, just tell me what it is that you want in return.~~

    ~~I have a Google site for all of my DC related stuff now. If you want to know about my current IOUs, trading policies, prize lists, or lists of good traders here, check my site: https://sites.google.com/site/alphasdcbase/ ~~

    ~~Because of recent events, I have to make a note of this: I do catch a lot of CB metals. It takes an awful lot of work to get these. So I ask that you don't PM me to beg for a metal that I caught, if I end up trading it, I will post on the trading section. If I gift it, it will be spontaneous. Please don't ask if I will straight up give you one of my metals, I will have to say no.~~

    ~~A few things about me: I'm majoring in zoology, I'd like to work in animal rescue or as a park ranger someday. I spend a lot of time on DC right now because I currently work a tough manual labor job as a groundskeeper, and am too tired after work to do very much.

    I love League of Legends and Nintendo games, birdwatching, going to the movie theater, and going up north to my cabin to go boating, fishing, and doing wildlife photography :) ~~