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    My name is Misty. I am a NARR registered rat breeder who also breeds crested geckos. Quite into the ball python and tarantula hobby, juuust not going to breed on those sort of 'crazy' levels. Criminal Psychology was- and still is- my main passion. I enjoy playing the violin in my spare time.

    If you'd like to request an egg from a specific pairing, just PM~

    I do RP, but only in third person narrative. Have been RPing the HP-verse since '01. I can write Draco, Hermione, and a personal favorite, Adrian Pucey (which I lovingly refer to as 'crazyface'). I don't like to write complete fluff, if any at all. I'm all about the sadistic nature of characters, and extensive plots. I can NPC most characters just fine, except Harry (unless you want a 100% whiny, awkward capslock boy). Other verses I have done and will do are Star Wars, Death Note (especially if you're into the BB era), Furuba, and Ouran- Tamaki only, for the crack aspect of it all. I'm sure there are others, feel free to ask~

    *fine print: The dragon character in my sig(s) + avatar is Story. Please don't steal him- he has been my original character of perfection for well over ten years now. C: