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    Update 02/20/18 - YOU GUYS! For almost 9 years I have been hunting for a CB Gold in the Cave and today I finally found one and was quick enough to snag it! Seriously, this is one of my life goals and I’ve finally done it after so many years. Best day ever!!!! <3 I do not mean to brag, it’s just that nobody outside of Dragon Cave truly understands my excitement over this so I’m posting it here instead of trying to explain how crazy exciting this is to people who still won’t understand!

    Hello everyone! Wyvurn here. I have been playing Dragon Cave since 2009 with a few breaks throughout time (including a long one where I lost the info to my original scroll and had to create my current one). I am a pretty laid back person and don't mind the occasional message sent my way.

    If you see something on my scroll that you'd like offspring from, feel free to send a message about it. I am happy to breed almost everything on my scroll for free, providing you can pick up the egg immediately so my scroll isn’t locked from requests (my CB Golds, CB Silvers, and low gen [2-3G] Prizes are excluded from this offer).

    I am willing to catch and hatch generous amounts of CB hatchies in exchange for CB Golds, CB Silvers, and 2g prizes!

    IOUs to other players:
    Infinis —> 50 random CB hatchies
    23/50 sent and received

    Ghost —> 70 CB hatch BZ, 70 CB hatch Thal
    70/70 DONE: Balloons, Blacks, Black Capped Teimarrs, Common Pygmies, Dark Greens

    2/5, 2/5 Geodes (5 pairs)
    4/5, 5/5 Greater Spotted Drake (5 pairs)
    2/10 , 2/10 Harvest (10 pairs)
    3/10, 1/10 Light Lumina (10 pairs)
    4/5, 4/5 Nhiostrife (5 pairs)

    29/70 total sent

    “Speckled with rosette-like markings”
    “Heavy egg feels slightly warm”
    “Egg shines brightly in the sunlight”
    “Dull purple egg two bright stripes”

    ***NOTE: I am not a huge fan of IOUs but if I do accept one from you, please make sure you pay on time with exactly what was promised.

    IOUS to me:
    AngelusMicheal —> 2G Bronze Tinsel (paid)

    WISHLIST (named parents ideal)
    3g PB Gold
    2g Hellfires from male Chronos
    2g Chronos from female Hellfires
    2g Hellfires from female Mageia
    2g Mageia from male Hellfires

    Note to self — PREDATOR IOU voided by player per message on profile 02/11/18)