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    Hello everyone! Wyvurn here. I have been playing Dragon Cave for several years, though I took a couple off in the middle due to a very busy schedule (bad idea, I missed a lot of releases while I was gone)! I am a pretty laid back person and don't mind the occasional message sent my way.

    If you see something on my scroll that you'd like offspring from, feel free to send a message about it. I am happy to breed nearly any dragon for free, providing you can pick up the egg immediately so my scroll isn’t locked from requests. The only exception is my rares — Golds, Silvers, and Holidays must be at least 3rd gen and Prizes must be at least 5th gen. I breed the lower gens for my own purposes.

    IOUs to other players:

    PREDATOR (no response?) —> 0/25 CB Spinel hatchies + 0/25 CB Bauta hatchies

    ~~ WISHLIST ~~   

    I am willing to catch and hatch generous amounts of CB hatchies in exchange for CB Golds, CB Silvers, and 2g prize lines! (Keep in mind that uncommon breeds may take longer to find than common ones). 

    Non-holiday mates needed: (ideally all parents named w/ no CB or tags in name)
    3g Deep Sea from female Silver checker
    2g male Alt Undine from M Undine x F Gold
    2g Silver from female Blue Fire Gem
    2g Silver from male Red Fire Gem
    2g Red Nebula from male Gold
    2g Skywing from female Hellfire (need multiple)
    2g Tsunami from male Gold
    3g Gold from male Undine checker
    3g Gold from female GoN/AoC checker

    Holiday mates needed: (ideally all parents named w/ no CB or tags in name)
    2g Red Gemshard from pacified Aegis
    2g Silver from Mistletoe
    2g Green Nebula from rosy winged Solstice
    2g Horse from rosy winged Solstice 
    2g Aegis from rosy winged Solstice 
    2g Shadow Walker from Winter Magi
    2g Electric from female Desipis
    2g Mint from male Grave 
    2g Black from female Shadow Walker
    2g Gold from female Shadow Walker
    2g Rosebud from Black Marrow
    2g Silver from Mutamore
    2g Solstice (rosy) from Mutamore
    2g Arsani from Mutamore
    2g Bleeding Moon from Heartstealing
    2g Sunstone from Radiant Angel
    3g Gold from male Black Marrow checker

    - 2G Snow from Fog for EscapistLore in exchange for a 3G baby from Alt Snow :D