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UEM9xpv.gifbronzewinner_by_zaverxi-d8eggfk.pngList Closed for Offspring from my Bronze Shimmer Sysyn of Syryn IOUs Considered on a Case by Case Basis  Looking for 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer X Male Holiday Bloodswaps! PM To Discuss!

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    cb Female Gilded Bloodscale
    cb Male Sunrise
    2nd gen Green Nebula from Arsani as mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/6spBR

    GIFTING rinoa26 next offspring of Stripe X Shimmer checker 12/9/18


    2nd gen Shimmer from Khusa - 6/19-Kin, 6/26-Kin, 7/3-Kin, 7/10-Bred for other trade, 7/17-Kin, 7/25-Kin, 8/1-Kin, 8/8-Kin, 8/15-Bred for other trade, 8/22-Kin, 8/29-Kin, 9/6-Kin, 9/18 Bred for me, 9/26-Kin, 10/3-Kin, 10/10-Kin, 10/18-Bred for gift, 10/25-Halloween, 11/1-Forgot to breed, 11/9-No Egg, 11/16-Kin, 11/24-Bred for me, 12/1-Kin, 12/9-Bred for me
    30 CB Hatchies (Water, Waterhorse, Albino, Stone & other older breeds):
    Pd6Va, DRrFh, OhL1M, c4dtJ, yofHA, 26OIU, Lkc10, g4Hf2, xoy30, aDRS6
    c5DZ0, pg59u, N4bHh, Q4353, TorqR, 3dioi, dJBOm, x6y9x, TI5fY, ZfXhz
    KUiwa, UWcDL, fUmk9, iJJN4, iPBZA, nHvOd, qOSz8, K6ve7, LtPKS, tki5p