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I DO NOT KILL DRAGONSYes, I take IOU'sMy flight: Diablokitty's Dragons!Current Wish List: Any holiday dragon I don't have at least five of (particularly Aegis and Mutamore), CB golds (2 male, 2 female), 2nd gen tinsels of all types, 2nd gen shimmers, CB copper (all colors), CB gemshard (all colors), CB xenos, 2nd gen alt undines, 2nd or 3rd gen dragons from spriters' alts, particularly an egg from Marrionetta (eg checker lineages would be nice, but a person can't ask too much...can they?), more chickens and especially a 2nd Holly. Also would like more Thuweds, preferably EG with multiple lineages, always want pillows, undines. Happy to breed, just pm. (I don't maintain lists, sorry.)5x4w2f.jpg[/size]