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ml050x.jpg Sprite images Newest pretties rtkIZfH.png , wish I could freeze eggs.

I work weird hours so it could take me a few hours before accepting your offer. Please be patient with me. Thanks.

I respond to PM, I hope you do too.

Always looking for holiday checkers.  See profile for info.  PM to discuss trade.  IOU friendly.

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    Defiantly not here
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    English is not my first language. plx forgive my bad English.

    Nov 15, 2018: I have been very busy with work and haven't time to update my profile. Sorry :(

    IOU to me:
    MIGOR: 3/3 CB indigo lunar male hatchling (Paid in full in 3 days as promised)

    IOU to ....
    lovecats99: 3G RB from SW - Completed May 8, 2018
    shadowdrake: 5 CB red-tailed pygmy hatchlings - completed Apr 27, 2018
    oilbird: 1 CB male indigo - completed Apr 27, 2018
    seeyounext2sday: 2 CB tatterdrakes hatchings - completed May 1, 2018

    Holiday Checkers
    It is never too early or too late to arrange trade for these!
    * If it is not listed below, it doesn't mean I won't trade for them. It is just not high on my priority list.
    ** If I don't have a CB mate / holiday dragon you need for your checker, I will trade in a 2G to trade with you ... given that you accept IOU if can't find what you need right the way

    Val '09: Always looking for these regardless of mates
    Heartseeker: Blusang only; if mate with GW, only want Heartseeker, doesn't want GW eggs
    Floral-Crown: Gaia, upside down mint only

    SW: with past X"mas mate: always want them for Lineage project *Point to signature*
    Marrows: everything? Is there a breed doesn't work with Marrow? :D
    Lurker: Aria, Almandine or Spessartine - Female only

    Any x'mas with SW are welcomed!