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~ I accept IOU! ~     Check out my flexible cool down suggestion :3


I'm looking for the following Gen 2 Holiday Prizekins - if you can help out, please PM me, maybe we can trade? :lol: 

Snow_Angel_egg.gif Gen 2 Snow Angel from Gold Tinsel and White Snow Angel-------------------------------------------------

Aegis_egg.png Gen 2 Aegis from Bronze Shimmer and Enraged Aegis; from Silver Shimmer and Pacified Aegis

Solstice_egg.gif Gen 2 Rosy-Winged Solstice from Gold Tinsel----------------------------- -------------------------------------

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    In a pillow fort :D
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    Hi there!

    So, I made a forum account to have a better look around, trade with people and stuff! It's nice to meet you :)

    I'm...rather socially awkward :D But friendly!

    I like music, butterflies, rainbows and shiny things. And well, DRAGONS! XD

    I've been enjoying trading so far, and happily give and take IOU!

    Have a wonderful day!~