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[New release Pygmy: It's a Boy!


You're welcome. He was an extra. Now I can try for another " glow brightly in the shadows" egg.

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Breeding and gifting lots of Carinae to celebrate my 50th Carina baby!

If you want to request a specific pairing, please select two mates and send me a PM!

My Ridgewings / My Nebulae / My Carinae

(Note: some pairings may have already rejected each other, and I may have some plans for certain couples. Providing multiple couple requests will increase the chances of you getting a baby!)

 I will happily write down couples in my profile for future breeding attempts, especially if the couple is either unavailable or does not produce a Carina. ^_^


X - was sent to the AP! (messy)

-tried to breed more messies for the AP, but they all rejected each other-


Claimable Babies

3G / 2G


A "thank you" is appreciated!

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