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random hatchie


tried a neglected experiment but ended up hatching normal, so tossing it out here. If not taken within 20 min it's going into AP....    Gone!


Another neglect fail cb hatchi. This one hatched before my catcher had a chance to accept it, a whole minute before its ToD... I'll probably need a more resistant breed to try on again


Again, 20 min or AP : )   Alright, no one took this one, gonna AP soon. Ap'd

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A lot of people seemed to want the last one, 

so my alt sweetling is back for another

DLCcjWR.png Secret Santa Raffle! jqBp0WE.png

2g obidar from alt sweetling!


Pop a dummy egg or hatchling in the link (please, nothing that will die, hatch, or grow up)

A winner will be selected by a RNG around 11pm/2300 DC time Thursday Nov. 26




A winner has been chosen, thanks for participating!


And while you're waiting ...

Please check out our thread, read through the rules, and sign up to participate in our annual event!


DLCcjWR.png Secret Santa signups now open until December 21! jqBp0WE.png

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This golden wyvern has valentine dragons in the lineage. Code has "luv" in it. Found in the AP.


Gone! Enjoy. 

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10 minutes ago, Dirtytabs said:


I grabbed this to give to someone on the discord who'd been asking for a thunder, but they got one in the time it took me! So I'm putting back in this thread for whoever needs it more. :) All credit to Dirtytabs who bred the dragon.


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

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