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Welcome to the DC Community Notice Board! If you are looking to find homes for your eggs or hatchlings you are welcome to post here. This is an open board; everyone is welcome to post. All eggs and hatchlings are accepted. You may also announce if you are going to auto-abandon bred eggs. You may set up your own requirements for your gift, or choose whom to give to. The guidelines are below, but the main thing to remember is no chatting please. Departure announcements and "I got it" type posts only.




1. Anyone can give and receive.


2. Unless specified by the giver, there are no restrictions for receiving any eggs or hatchlings, ie.; you do not need to have a certain amount of dragon on your scroll, you do not have to be an an active Level 2 member, etc.


3. There is NO waiting list whatsoever. No need to be on one, no need to be taken off one.


4. Posting that you have offered a dummy on a two way link is considered chatting! Please do not post that you have offered, gifters can see your offers on the link.


5. Please try to post only once per page. Simply edit your original post to include new listings. You may re-post once a new page begins. This will help cut down on the amount of thread cleaning _Z_ has to do.


6. If you want to let others know you have auto-abandoned eggs, go ahead and post!


7. Please do post a thank you when you take something from the thread. It's only polite!


8. Respect others and have fun!



Bodecia PM Link

WoLfgIrLyS PM Link


Thread Monitors are responsible for monitoring and over seeing this Board. If your announcement does not meet the requirement of this thread, the Monitors may post or PM you a reminder. To ensure that this thread is kept up to date, the Thread Monitors will work together with Forum Monitors to decide when to have the thread wiped.


If you would like to make and submit banners for the page, please PM Bodecia (a.k.a. she who has no art skills....)!

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Posted (edited)

As I am not getting any bites for what I want and won't be able to check DC on the weekend, I'd prefer for this to go to someone who has no/only a few CB tan ridgewings.


Will turn male if left uninfluenced.

Offer a dummy here


Gone. Enjoy!

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Posted (edited)

Incuhatchable CB Razorcrest~  Enjoy, Alasse! :) Thanks for the notice!

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19 minutes ago, elihris said:

Adopted for my friend who is avidly collecting stairs with non holiday mates, thank you!

(She'll breed me a prize when she can, so you've gifted us two prizes for one, if she's not already got this line, if she has, then I'll love having the tin in my own collection. :) )

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