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user posted image <- Thank you to those who nominated me ***user posted image <- dragon egg hatchery **qyu.png   <- link to all the dragon types*-*I accept IOUs*** ** 

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Please don't add my eggs or hatchlings to nurseries unless they have less than 24 hours left. 



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    DC 2021 Birthday Variant Alt Hybrid Tracking & Mechanism List

    DC 2021 August Pyropellis - change of flame colors they get after mating with certain dragons.

    How to use EARTHQUAKE effect (Green dragons - the ones that make Blue Geode dragons.) (From Infinis)

    For eq to have any chance of success the eggs have to be at least 24 hours old and cracking. The more cracked the better but if you’re trying for really early hatches you need to be careful because they can die after hatching from sickness. I have better success if I wait until 5 days and 12 hours or less (4 days and 12 hours with incubate). 

    for Cantors all that has to happen is they have to survive eq, so eggs that don’t die but also don’t hatch will be green if no further bsas (other than influence) are used on it. (I personally hide these and earthquake at the open-holed hatchable eggs for best results)

    for Shumoga, they have to earthquake and hatch out.  They need to be around 5 day 12 hours and a slightly cracked egg for best results.


    Lunar Herald color chart - with current dates


    [b]I can breed common & uncommon 2nd gen mates for your Valentine's and Christmas dragons.[/b]

    Seeking 2nd gen Prize dragons of any type.

    Holiday crosses I am currently seeking:


    Holiday event dragons that I need to breed for myself during Holiday events:

    Heartseeker x Silver Metal