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 I am not interested in Tinsels at all, the only Shimmers I am looking for are 2nd gens priority listed in link in Blue. I only breed/accept perfect EG checkers. No stairs, spirals or imperfect checkers. Not interested in Two-heads or Drakes.

 I have all CB Holiday’s.  I have no Specials except Minted Fool  and 4 Normal Cave Mint - 3 female and 1 male, also not lucky enough to have a CB Prize.


Seeking 2G Autumn from female Gold Shimmer, plz pm if you can breed this

 Looking for mates for these!!!  :wub:

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    Looking for:

    2nd gen Gold/BMoon(F)/Blacktip(F)/Holly(F)/
    2nd gen Silver/Greenwing(M)/Floret/
    other 2nd gen Silver or Gold not from overly common pairings

    mates i need: if you can help let me know what i can breed in return,

    3rd EG Gold from female Holly checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/5ALPW or https://dragcave.net/lineage/ReInE

    lower priority

    Holidays needed:



    Common mates from Halloween:

    3rd EG Thunder from female SW checker
    3rd EG Carmine from male CL checker

    2nd gen Holly from RA https://dragcave.net/lineage/wjkon
    2nd gen Holly from male Marrow https://dragcave.net/lineage/3vIjv
    3rd EG Holly from Red Nebula checker https://dragcave.net/lineage/bwajI

    Common Xmas mates needed:

    3rd EG Sunsong from Solstice checker (Blue Wings)
    3rd EG Pillow from Solstice checker (for my Thuwed Solstice checker Blue Wings)
    4th EG Pink from Male Holly checker (1st gen Old Pink)
    4th EG Winter from male Holly checker

    CB hatchies i need more of:

    CB Purple
    CB Red

    i have :

    42 CB Silver- 21 male 21 female
    16 CB Gold- 8 male 8 female

    CB Breeding plans:

    Silver male: Razorcrest, Aether, Lacula, Melismor, Truffle, Greenwing,
    Silver female: Sapphire, Floret, Greenwing,
    Gold Male: Monarch, Freckle, Falcon, BMoon,
    Gold female: Bolt, Leodon,

    2nd G-Checker combos i don’t have yet:

    Silver (F): Aqualis, Ash, Boreal, Black Truffle, Blue Banded, Floret, Freckle, Lacula, Leodon, Melismore, Pyrovar, Razorcrest, Sapphire(1), Scimtar, Sinii Krai, Siyat, Spinel(1), Greenwing, Tetra

    Silver (M): Aqualis, Ash, Boreal, Black Truffle, Blue Banded, Freckle, Lacula, Leodon(1), Melismore, Pyrovar, Razorcrest, Scimtar, Sinii Krai, Siyat, Spinel, Greenwing, Tetra

    Gold (M):

    Gold (F):

    i am owed by becondethuong1307 (defaulted) for a 2nd gen Gold/Ribbon hatchie I traded to them

    Breeding requests: