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Currently hunting for:  * CB Aeons * CB Balloons * Bilbo Shimmer Stairstep lineage * CB Gold * Neglected   ❤️ * CB Silvers! ❤️ 

Many thanks to my mentor! The Mentoring Project *  ❤️ Acts of Random Kindness

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    To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wildflower
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    Just some of the special people on DC who have made my time here special, either by welcoming me when I first arrived or through unexpected gifts. I thank you all! <3 A special thank you to my mentor, sheppardkid!

    Sir Barton
    Blue Nadir
    and many others!

    I like ALL dragons, and while I am currently focused on these, I really like them all! I love Spriter's Alts and upside down Mints. I enjoy collecting pretty even gen checkers and interesting lineages.

    I am not too keen on metal checkers; i.e. Tinsel and/or Shimmer checkers; I just love pretty even gen checkers with various beautiful dragons. I LOVE spriter's alt checkers! I am always looking for CB Silver but haven't had much luck. I have a soft spot for 2009 Valentine and Hollys. Pretty even gen checkers with holiday mates or spriter's alts are lovely. I am slowly working on building my Aeon Army and still in need of Purples. I hope one day to own a 2G Shimmer.

    I love "rainbow" even gen checkers. Anything with rainbow or just a gorgeous even gen with holiday or spriter's alts will win my heart.

    Favorite Four Dragons: If I could only choose four, I would choose Frill, Old Pink, Sweetlings and Shadowwalkers!

    Can I add a fifth and sixth dragon to that list? CB Silvers! (I can dream, haha). They are tops on my list of most wanted rare dragons ... those and Neglecteds. I do not yet own a Neglected (this changed on May 20 2019; I now own one CB female Neglected! Thank you, Cinspawn!). They look so amazing! Okay, a 7th & 8th favorite: I can't forget Valentine's Holiday 2009 and also Hollys!

    Shimmers ... Who doesn't want a Shimmer? <3 I eventually plan to expand my small collection of Tinsels and Shimmers! (See list below)
    Most of the ones I own are longer lineaged. Hopefully over time I can nab some of the newer, shorter lined ones. I like building Stairstep lineages with Shimmers and Tinsels.

    I also love all the holiday eggs! Especially the Shadow Walkers! I LOVE the Shadow Walkers. Slightly obsessed, really.

    Thank you to my wonderful mentor! The Mentor Project really helps if you are new! Thanks to all who give of their time on DC!

    Wish list:

    CB Silvers
    A Neglected would be amazing! ... I do not have any (note: On May 20 2019 I was gifted my first Neglected, a female CB! Thank you, Cinspawn!)
    CB Aeons
    Mates for my even gens that don't have mates. I need to add a link to some of them here. That is on my to-do list!
    Purples - Building a Purple Army!
    Impossible dream: Neglected eeeeee! (Got my female; still looking for an ungendered and a male!)
    Any pretty even gen with Spriter's Alts

    I am looking for mates for these even gen checkers: (I probably need to update this list! I think I have many more to add to it!)

    https://dragcave.net/lineage/t9C3Q - Vine
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/LLxFx - Silver
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/yNpfO - Gold
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/LPwwi - Pink or Yulebuck!
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/uI7I1 - Ice
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/PVE8H - Red
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/wIWIv - Red Dorsal
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/l0OLY - Gold
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/rfalY - Ice
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/gT955 - Gold
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/eRBdw - Hellfire
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/R79Zg - Silver
    2nd gen Ice x Old Pink
    2nd gen Ice x Rosebud

    Interested in any and all dragons. I love dragons! Am interested in collaborating on breeding projects!

    I will respond to all offers. In teleport I use the accept/decline feature.
    In Cave Time, you will likely hear from me in the afternoon/evening, in case you would like a timeframe.

    I am generally egg locked as I can't stop myself from picking up something pretty! <3 I fulfill IOUs as a first priority; just give me a few days to get unlocked!

    Breeding and gifting: (not a complete list)

    Pink eggie for emetib92: DONE
    Pink egg for old_duck: DONE

    Hellfire checker for emetib92: DONE

    Seawyrm Pygmy for Classycal DONE

    Bloodscale for dragongrrl DONE
    Vine x Sweetling for Varekis DONE
    Vine x Sweetling for IvoryRaven15 DONE

    Bloodmoon Bloodswap: LibbyLishly DONE

    Red for gifting

    Shimmers gifted:

    Tinsels gifted:

    Avatars gifted:

    Pending IOUs that I owe:


    Completed IOUs I have fulfilled:

    ACDragonMaster - Hellhorse 9/12/14 DONE 9/24/14
    ACDragonMaster - Red 9/25/14 DONE 9/25/14

    poppy1: Pink x Gold checker 7/19/13, Pink x Ice checker 7/23/13, Hellfire checker 8/9/13
    Alpha Gryph, Hellhorse 6/24/13
    Sharanay, Silver egg: 4/25/13
    Princess_Pinkie 3/18 & 3/23/13



    Gifts pending:


    I am always looking for any Tinsel or Shimmer lines I don't have; shorter gens appreciated. (If I have the line but you have a shorter gen, I am interested.) I especially like the older lines and the ones with the code names.

    Tinsel lines I have:


    Gilded Adonis from Apollo - 6G - White Stripe females
    Golden Elixir from Gold Epica - 6G - Vine males
    Epica Del Oro from Gold Epica - 6G - Vine males - do not breed. Gendered wrong


    Sparkling Zyr Penk from Penk - 7G - Pink females
    Wanderer Above The Mist from Patxaran - 4G - Water females
    Silver Sparkles de Penk - 12G from double stairstep - do not breed


    Z'Elvis from San Victorus - 5G - Hellfire females
    E'lendil - 9G - from five different stairsteps - do not breed



    Sassy Menoth from Geumseol Menoth - 6G - Golden Wyvern males
    (To be named egg) from Geumseol Menoth - 5G - Golden Wyvern males


    Moonstruck Jewel from (Jewel) - 7G - Moonstone males
    Xilas Vincent from Commander Silas Vincent Shepard - 6G - Waterhorse females
    (To be named egg) from Quantum Color - 5G - Moonstone females
    (To be named egg) From Prowl - 5G - Lumina females


    Diamond Riviera from Crazy little Diamond - 4G - Golden Wyvern males
    Frodo's Adventures from Bilbo Baggins of Bag End - 7G - Tanned Ridgewing females
    Lucky Debonair from Lucky First Raffle - 6G - Tanned Ridgewing females
    Mystic Sea Pearl from (brFA8) - 8G - Red Nebula females
    Turian Espionage Mystic-Army from Mystic of the 7 - 6G - Royal Blue males