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3rd-gen Silver wrong for lineage-continuation but someone might want it? gone enjoy!

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Magi hatchling (messy) for anyone who is short on teleports.

Claim my hatchling! Gone!


Phooey, I lost the gender lotto. So here the hatchling is back again.

Claim my Shadow Walker & purple Nebula hatchling!

Freeze or not as you wish.  You're welcome Kegluneq, thanks for taking him in.

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Traded.  That was quick


Offer dummy egg.  Preference given to newbies   


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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And my last couple of Halloweens:


2G gender lotto omen from mageia xenowyrm father And gone~ Thanks for giving him a good home, Siliskor! Sorry he wasn't well-behaved, gender-wise, though. (If you make a various-xenowyrms spiral with the boy, let me know, I'd love offspring!)

2G gender lotto omen from albino mother Also gone. :) Enjoy!


(I'm out of aeons, sorry!)

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1 hour ago, Jazeki said:

Trololomen offspring. May it bring you Joy and lots of babies. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!



Edit: Gone. Enjoy!

oops sorry I'm late to say thank you! I grabbed it... hubby needed me outside before I could respond earlier~ Thanks so much for the egg!

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