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   There be dragons here! 

After 10 years on DC, I have finally given in and started collecting Chickens and Dinos. 

Needing all varieties.  Feel free to offer them in trades!

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    I accept polite breeding requests, even for rares or rare lineages. If you have something to reciprocate, great, if not, no big deal. I only ask that you also share and not just trade any offspring from me.

    Queen is being a pain. Any new trades will have to wait until I fill my current obligations. I will breed with your choice of mate, but ask you offer the same option if offering a 2 gen. Prize swap. Always open to 2 gen. offspring from Spriter Alts or CB NDs.

    I AM IN SHOCK! I just found out I won another Gold Shimmerscale. King's offspring will be available for trades soon. I am hoping he and Queen like each other, as purebred 2 gen. Shimmerscale babies would be lovely.