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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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here is the rest of my Holiday haul ^^


thanks @ Mystery breeder for this Valentine x Fever, Soulstone x Astrapi, Soulstone x Glacewing, Mutamore x Ice

thanks @ Kanaylle from this Valentine from Electric

thanks @ Nyara for this Sweetling from Stripe

thanks @BloodWings for this Sweetling from Chrono

thanks @Dolphine for this Sweetling from Blue Lunar

thanks @ Vict for this Arsani from Sunsetthanks @ Rare_Hunter21 for this Soulstone from Gaia

thanks @ oreko for this Soulstone from Magma

thanks @ der_wons for this Mutamore from Magma

thanks @ _smoczyca_ for this Mutamore from Bleeding Moon (love the parents Name codes!)

thanks @Nandeenah for this Heartseeker from Black

thanks @Tsukiath for this RA from Specklethroat

thanks @ LightningSnow for this Heartstealing from Teimarr


thanks Mystery Breeder for this Gaia fom Rosebud checker

thanks @Terrafreaky for this Black Zyumorph x Caligene checker (I can breed a mate) and this Terrae x Mistletoe checker

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3G Khusa/Desipis - Thanks, @MaeTM!

3G PB Purple - Thanks, @beefcake!
2G Undine/Deepsea - Thanks, @purplehaze!

2G Water/Sweetling - Thanks, @hephaestusHelper!

2G Brute/Blacktip - Thanks, _Kami_!

3G Purple/Astrapi Xenowyrm - Thanks, @Terrafreaky!

2G Kingcrowne/Desipis - Thanks again, Terrafreaky!

2G Dusk Pygmy - Thanks, anon!

2G Carina - Thanks, anon!

3G Purple - Thanks, anon!



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Thanks @Lantean_Pegasus for this lovely Purple X Winter checker! I've started to build a mate, hopefully I'll finish before the end of the month. :)


Also I'm super late for reporting this, but I guess better late than never??

Thanks @Tish for this Mutamore X Gemshard, so pretty that I couldn't resist even though I swore I wouldn't do Gemshard lines anymore... ^^

Thanks @Singalana for this Rosebud X Almandine, I had a perfect mate waiting so I was really happy to find it!

And thanks @statik for this Arsani X Royal Blue, also too pretty to pass! :D

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