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Looking for a 2G bronze Shimmer from Arsani

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    Avatar by the fantastic Dirtytabs.

    Not sure what to offer me in a trade? I love pretty Monarch lineages, CB word codes, Spriter's Alt lineages, and I also have a group (https://dragcave.net/group/49001) of things that need mates!

    I owe:
    Pteprocks - Gold from Eboreus
    -- sent, no reply; inactive?
    Nightwalkerkey - needs replacement DS from Deep Clean
    -- complete!
    TerraAnne - child from Wcammoh0 x Hxetefxerau
    -- complete!
    TerraAnne - child from Sinophilia x a 3EG with at least 2 SAs in lineage
    -- complete!
    Looti - Frostbite from (ZiCYj) x (vNrqh)
    -- complete!
    Mergo - (92291)x(75970) and (25256)x(12582) } x2 (1 of each breed)
    -- half complete; still need Olive and Turp
    Mergo - (szFx8)x(ZVd4m)x2 (as above) and maybe the CLs from numbers too
    -- part complete; still need Electric and the CLs