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0eyco.pngFsgRnKA.png Scroll ... Wishlistmy Holiday checkers I am a Name code, All-Numbers & All-capital Code Collector ... I accept IOUs ...Always seeking  3rd gen Thuwed checkers and 3rd gen PB Thuweds from new pairs... Seeking a 3rd gen MALE CALIGENE x FEMALE BRONZE TINSEL CHECKER unrelated to this and this and a  2nd gen Goldshimmer from Starsinger 

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    Germany (6 hours ahead of cave time)
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    CB Prize Info:
    I won a CB male Bronze Shimmer in the May 2019 Raffle. Shimmer Offspring will be traded for things that are difficult for me to obtain (CB Gold / 2nd gen from Spriter´s Alt / 2nd gen Prize Swap) I may change this in the future, 2nd gen Prize-Kin will be free. My Prize will always be open for Prize x Holiday swaps. I´m not keen on breeding with overly common mates, I will rotate breeding, to get higher chances for an offspring.

    Eyco: Last breeding: 05.02.20 (with Ember)

    Kin-List: 2/5 ----- Prize x Holiday List: 1/2 currently closed ----- Prize x common list 1/1 closed for personal breedings, may make exception

    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Shimmer from Rosebud
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Shim-Kin from Pillow
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Shimmer from Caligene
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Shim-Kin from Red Fire Gem
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Shimmer from Thunder
    --- COMPLETE: WereJace: 2nd gen from Guardian (kin) and 2nd gen Shimmer from Val09
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Kin from Moonstone
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Shimmer from Grave
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gem Shim-Kin from Blue Zyumorph
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Aeon Shim-Kin
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Shimmer from Kohraki
    --- COMPLETE - 2nd gen Shimmer from Mistletoe
    --- Windy - 2nd gen Ember Shim-kin
    --- Tears in Rain: 2nd gen Shimmer from Garland + 3rd gen checker
    --- WatersMoon110: any 2nd gen Shim-Kin

    Future Personal Breeding:
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from Blue Zyumorph
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from Nocturne
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from Leodon
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from Almerald
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from Mageia
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from Pyro

    Prize-kin Needs:

    Specific Prize x Holiday Needs:

    - 2nd gen Gold Shimmer x Starsinger
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer x Soulstone
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer x Sakuhana
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer x Valentine
    - 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer x female Witchlight


    - more Alt Vines / Alt Blacks always wanted !!!

    - I love Pygmies, Drakes and Two-headed Dragons
    - I love Trio Dragons and Metal checkers (Always Welcome!)
    - I collect readable All-capital Codes, happy to accept any offers =)
    - I collect codes that sound like names and All-Numbers codes


    **** IOUs waiting for completion **** (I often forget to update the last breeding dates, but I do breed every week!)

    --- purplehaze - 3rd gen ice from Prada Ice (checker) 21.01.20
    --- draketeeth: sibling to https://dragcave.net/lineage/kIeC3 Halloween 2020
    --- Ninetails: sibling to https://dragcave.net/lineage/0YqxX 22.01.20
    --- Iside: Heartstealing x Water checker
    Arsani x Almerald checker


    my Name-code Dragons:
    has a own group: https://dragcave.net/group/5688

    my Capital-Letter-Codes:
    has a own group: https://dragcave.net/group/5690


    End Note:

    Many thanks to all users, who traded with me, maximum thanks to MaximumOccupancy, you know why ;)