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The Holly Contest

Holly Contest 2016

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Scroll Name: Serliek

My Scroll: ~Serliek's Scroll~

Method of Listing Storm Dragons: Scroll Sorting



Notes: I'm new to spreadsheets so the method of listing will remain as scroll sorting until I can manage a proper spreadsheet for my Storms.


My favorite Holly from the list of donations is:

~The Holly x Nebula Spiral~


But does that mean the Holly gets taken off the other person's scroll and put onto mine?

And if I choose the other option to get a Holly will it be a CB?


There has to be some small chance of getting a Holly from the AP that looks like that one on the donations list tho. And if the other option is to get a CB Holly I think I would take the CB Holly so that I can be the one that starts a line like that.


Well anyway opinions change and it might take a couple years to make myself that line if I get a CB Holly from this contest. If anyone can help me decide before it's too late please PM me about it.




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@Serliek: The competition is for a chance of a Holly offspring of one of the Hollies listed.

Alternative prizes are for those that decide they don't want a Holly. A list of alternative prizes that people have offered to breed is usually posted nearer Christmas.

We do not offer CB Hollies. This is a competition for the chance of a bred Holly.

The competition is explained in the first post of this thread.





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This was an experiment, thought up by ArynChris, that we've done the past four years, and we rewarded the experimenters with Hollies. So, we're going to do it again this year. To sum up,


Those who collect the most Storm Dragons (aka Grey dragons), adult or frozen, in 2016 will receive a Holly egg come Christmas.


Why only Storms, and not other commons too? It's an experiment to see if we can make them harder to find in the cave and AP.  It's worked well in the past, so can we make Storms rarer? This year we decided to put up a poll and let everyone else choose this years Dragon and thank everyone that voted.


Note: There are a couple of changes this year. The date the contest will end has been moved up, to ensure that we get all scrolls checked and initial batch of winners time to choose their winning Holly in time. We will put minimum limit of dragons required to be eligible as a winner, to ensure that at least some effort is put into this. We also are taking applications for Mods.


To sign up: Simple! Just post in the thread and start collecting Storms. In your post, give us a link to your scroll and tell us how you will be listing your Storms (see rule 4.)


To update your totals: If you post again with your current total before December, we'll update your total in the second post. This is entirely optional. We will arrive at the correct total for everyone; that is why we have Total Checkers.


To donate: PM either the Holly Contest account or any of the hosts with access to the account.


How total checking and prize distribution works: If you've donated, you will receive a PM in early December asking you to check in and confirm your activity and donation. This is the start of the endgame for the contest.

As soon as the contest ends, the verification process will begin. Over the next few days, available moderators and total checkers will take a look at every single Storm on the competitors' scrolls to make sure they are from 2016, and report the total to the other verifiers. Once this process is over, we will post the results in the thread and begin to distribute the prizes.

Not all winners will hear from us immediately (prior contests, winners were dealt with in small batches like fifteen or twenty.) Winners are then given the list of Hollies, and told to select a certain number of them in order of preference, from which we will give them the highest available-- or they may choose to decline the Holly and receive an Alternate Prize. If you are a donator, we will contact you to tell you where your egg is going.

Once all the Hollies are distributed, there will be a short break and then we will contact those who requested the Alternate Prizes instead.




1. You may join at any time in the year before the contest ends.

2. Only Storms collected in 2016 count. Storms you already have count if and only if they were laid/caught on or after January 1, 2016.

3. The contest will end at midnight December 01 2016. All Storms must be grown up or frozen before this date; the latest "grown up on" date we should see is December 01.

4. Please keep your Storms in one place on your scroll. If this is too much trouble, you can use a Google Doc instead. If this is the case, please use view links, give us a link in your joining post, make sure it is publicly visible, and update it at the end of the contest. If your doc is not updated and the Storms are not in one place on your scroll, we may not arrive at the correct total. However, if they are in one place on your scroll, it is not necessary to make a doc.

5. Only frozen hatchlings and adults count, not eggs or growing hatchlings.

6. Storms must all be ALIVE and NOT ZOMBIES and NOT WILD at Christmas time, when we go through and double check everyone's numbers.

7. You may obtain the Storms in any way that does not violate the TOS. They may be bred by you, caught off the AP, found in the cave, or traded for. ArynChris, creator of the contest, clarifies on this matter:



1. You may donate at any time of the year before the Holly distribution ends.

2. You may make special rules for the recipient of your egg (eg no freezing) but these are not sanctioned by the contest, and will not be noted anywhere by the contest. The contest is not responsible if the recipient chooses not to follow your rules, and you are obligated to give them their egg whether they agree to the rules beforehand or not. Think of them more as "requests" regarding the egg's future than rules.

3. Be prepared to hold your egg for a day or two if the distribution process runs longer than breeding season. It is an unfortunate truth that this has happened in all three contests so far. It cannot be helped. To put things into perspective, last year over 150 PMs were sent out during the Holly distribution-- not to mention the ones received! It takes time to sort things out.



The list of donators and prizes has been moved HERE due to space constraints.

All donators are very appreciated. smile.gif

First place gets first pick of the Hollies, then second place, and so on.


There will also be Alternate Prizes, which will be nice, non-Holly eggs given to the winners who decline the Holly prize.

Note: Last year we elected to change Runner-Up Prizes into Alternate Prizes, for declining Holly winners only, since we had so many Holly winners last couple of years and due to the relative difficulty in distributing Runner-Up/Alternate Prizes. However, if we have a low number of donations we may go back to the Runner-Up system.

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the pool of Alternate Prizes with donations.

I would like to compete in this year's Holly contest. I've been collecting, but I don't remember if I signed up yet or not. I'm leaving them sorted alphabetically. My scroll name is mycatranch. Link to my scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/mycatranch

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Oy, I hope this is okay, but I just bred about 10 storms to the AP. Mostly 2nd gens. Look for them in a few days. ^^;;

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I'd like to update my total to 98 please! smile.gif

I already have more storms than I had flamingos last year, haha.

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@SockPuppet Strangler - that is perfectly fine. Thanks smile.gif


Competitors added:




Scroll counts updated:

AppleMango - awesome and congrats


Thread updated to here.


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Scroll counts updated:

AppleMango - awesome and congrats

Thank you! smile.gif


I didn't do too well last year hahaha.


I'd like to update my total to 223 please smile.gif

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needed the space it was abandoned too....

Edited by Zerhai

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Updated numbers: 82

(a bit behind on my google doc but working on it... all are named on my scroll though)

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Updating my total to 120 biggrin.gif


Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I've been busy unsure.gif


And sorry...just fixed a missed dragon on my listings xP

Edited by Wahya

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Hi everyone! smile.gif


I'm not sure how many people are naming their storms with numbers at the front like I am, but I just found out a super easy way to make naming easier! smile.gif


First, open a google sheet(or excel might work, or any spreadsheet program, but I use google sheets tongue.gif) and in box A1 write the number of the next dragon you need to name, in box A2, write the number after.

Highlight both of these boxes and drag the little blue square in the corner down to auto-fill the boxes for numbers after the first two.

Go to your scroll and find the next dragon you need to name. Highlight all its information and drag down so all the rest of the storms on that page are highlighted, then copy the information (ctrl+c or right click and choose "copy")

Paste this into the document in one of the columns. I suggest C or after, it makes it slightly easier.

Check that the genders are all in the same column (the first one might need fixing), then once they are all in the same column, cut (ctrl+x or right click and "cut") this information into column b, so the genders line up with the numbers.

Then, choose names however you normally would, and replace the gender information with the name information.

Open up some tabs to name the dragons, and copy paste them from the list in order smile.gif You will have to copy paste the name into your address bar and then into the name slot, or replace the space between the number with a new space. I'm not sure why


I hope this makes sense and helps someone! smile.gif I don't think it's too helpful if you aren't super behind on naming like me, but yeah tongue.gif If this doesn't make sense to you and you'd like to use it please feel free to PM me and I will try and explain it better smile.gif

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