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Always looking For CB 00/OO number codes for this lineage.

I do sometimes forget. If you think I've forgotten a promised breeding for you then a polite PM is appreciated and will not result in "the Foldin' o' the Arms" or "the Tappin' o' the Feets"

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    I'm behind on naming my dragons. Eventually they will all be named except for any with Cool Codes. I do not name Cool Code dragons.
    If you pick up an egg with one of my unnamed dragons in the lineage feel free to PM me with a naming suggestion. As long as it's not a Cool Code dragon I'm happy for the help.

    FAQs from past PMs:
    I have no trouble with freezing or ND experiments. Your scroll, your dragon.
    My stable name is Zek, feel free to carry it on.


    I am happy to breed anything on my scroll by request.

    If you pick up one of my inbred dragons from the AP and would like to carry on the line, feel free to request a sibling.

    Da Rulz:
    I love gifting to newbies, but with one condition. If you don't have your first trophy yet and you have dead eggs/tombstones I'm happy to gift to you if you enable accept aid from others until the gift is fully grown.

    While a lot of my dragons have preferred mates for my own personal breeding they are not set in stone and you may choose any mate you want as long as it does not result in an inbred egg. Inbreeding is only available within my planned inbreeding projects. Inbreeding is classified as any dragon repeated in the lineage no matter how obscure the relationship.
    If the egg is intended for a specific mate and it genders wrong or refuses I am happy to breed a replacement.
    Replacement eggs jump to the front of lists because we've all been there and know how frustrating that is.

    I do sometimes forget. If you think I have forgotten a promised breeding for you then a polite PM is appreciated and will not result in "the Foldin' o' the Arms" or "the Tappin' o' the Feets".


    IOU's. I only take IOU's from people I know. No offence is intended if I decline.
    If I trade hatchies that I've bred myself that are gender specific the trade comes with a guarantee of replacement if the hatchie genders wrong.

        WISH LIST    

    CB Egg with DrWho code. Caps don't matter and o can be 0. Could also be alternate spelling, e.g. DrHoo - I would trade multiple anythings for this.I

        IOU's and Requests