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    Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto!
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    My sister, boyfriend and I all play dragcave. Please don't burn us.
    My sister doesn't have a forum account so if she ever wants to do trades she will trade through me.

    I will breed most dragons on request if asked nicely :)
    I love to talk so PM me if you want to chat! :)

    Okay, so my boyfriend's name is "Ichi" Anyway, here are some lessons
    on relationship:

    How to girlfriend 101:
    Ichi: I'm having an icypole, do you want one too?
    Me: Nah.
    Me: *eats his icypole*

    How to boyfriend 101:
    Ichi: I'm getting an icy pole do you want one?
    Me: No.
    *Ichi gets an icy pole and starts eating it*
    *I take it cause it's mine now*
    *Ichi pulls out secret icy pole he got himself*

    Now you can get a bae. You're welcome. <3
    Btw the second story happened 10 days after the first.


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