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I accept ious; currently collecting cb black truffles




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    *thank you to Lazurite for permission to use their rules, they have been edited to suit me*
    1. I accept IOUs within a REASONABLE time frame. For example, if you offer me a IOU of 4 CB BSA hatchies, I'd like you to complete it within 2~3 weeks, as it's not THAT hard to get them in the cave. Please take your "catch ability" into consideration when you try to offer me IOUs, thanks. If you have any questions I am a reasonable person!

    2. I will complete MY IOU ASAP, so If I can't get my IOU done within 1 month (well, I may forget this, so feel free to poke me!), I'll send you a process report regarding the failure breedings. I EXPECT that you do the same. (This doesn't apply to shinies as I know they could be really stubborn sometimes.)

    3. If you want to change your offer for any reason, please PM me to discuss; don't just decide by yourself.

    4. Check your status on my list to make sure I didn't have the wrong memory after we set up a trade. (Sorry for that if I made any mistakes, I am human after all not a Dragon....)

    5. I'm always looking for nice looking lineages... if its not something I am looking for I will tell you but anything pretty catches my eye.... (*oooh shiney runs off*

    (comes back after a while..... where was I)
    6. For PRIZE trades, I'll only accept a IOU if I'm one of the FIRST THREE on the list (exceptions to be discussed, though).

    7. Please accept my IOU within 2 days(!); otherwise, I have the right to trade/gift/abandon the egg! OR please tell me the reason why you can't accept it soon and I'll keep it for you. It's POLITE to do so because everyone needs egg slots!

    8. I'm willing to breed you another egg if you have influenced it but it still genders wrong OR if you forget to influence it, I may breed another for you with a lower cost (depending on the rarity, though).

    I owe:
    Loveless3173 - I owe a 5th gen silver or bronze shimmer egg (which ever produces first)

    - 1 female Grave from Grave f x Moonstone m
    - 1 male Grave from Grave m x Harvest f
    - 2 CB male Tsunami hatchies(these first preferably)
    - 1 CB male Nocturne
    - 1 CB male Moonstone

    owed me:

    past ious that i have resolved:
    2 spring hatchlings to Chanilove
    2 hatchlings(influenced to be a pair)from each new release from 22-24th of may(6 hatchlings) to Xtals.
    3rd gen tinsel from pokemonfan13