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~ SEEKING: 2G Hellfire from Silver Tinsel Male ~Always interested in 2G Spriter Alts & 2G Hollies**Scroll organization & names are working on, please bear with me**r034vc.png 25gfgxk.png izut10.gif foq36d.jpg 35lcite.gif 2nks0ad.png 1ggft3.png

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    I have clean it out the best of my ability, I will be more active now that life has died down. If I missed your PM, feel free to send it again or email me.
    ************Interests (Updated 4/06/16)************
    Actual interests of mine, I love Christmas Spriter Alts although I still like all Spriter Alts (just Christmas happens to be my favorite holiday). As for which ones are my absolute favorite, I'll just leave that open ^^

    I am ALWAYS ALWAYS interested in 2G from Spriter Alts and 2G Hollies.

    Something that factors into my choices for trading is if I can continue the lineage with what I have on my scroll. I am able to trade for offspring to continue lineages but not all the time. If it helps, I do NOT have any CB Valentine's Day dragons (except Mutamores), so any stair or spirals that have Valentine dragons I cannot continue and will most likely not be interested in (checkers, depends on the line).

    I DO like pretty lineages with seasonal Winter dragons, I do not need any inbreedables (I am thinking about collecting Yellow Dinos), and I am LOOKING FOR an all number coded dragon that descends or ascends in order (ie. 96431 or 13568, something like that).

    For what I can trade, it VARIES on what is available to breed and how much time I have to hunt & catch. I am trustworthy with IOUs and always try to fill them asap.
    I have taken IOUs before and will consider them for certain trades, but not all the time. If you ask about doing an IOU, expect lots of questions from me so I can determine that you are going to keep your end (ie. you are legit) & consistent updates/contact with me is required.

    **Note: List below is just to cross reference with when needed & for users who want to see how the IOU is doing from me. Does NOT mean this the whole list (that is kept on a document)**

    ************Current IOUs************
    ~~IOUs I OWE:~~
    ☐ natayah - IOU Chip [12/27/15] /Til deciding on what is wanted/
    ☐� banban007 - CB Gd {COMPLETED 2/04/16}, CB Svr {COMPLETED 2/18/16}, & 3G T from 2G [2/04/16]

    ~~IOUs OWED TO ME~~
    ☐� shadesofchaos - CB Copper (Green/Verdigris or Brown/Liver) for 2G PB Alt Black Hatchling[11/25/15] | Less active |
    ☐� HollowSoul - 2G G T from XeNOs x Ice [12/27/15] | On list |
    ☐� BluefootTheWarrior - 2G S T from King of the Silvers CB x Anagallis [1/10/16] | Updated Me: 1/10/16 |
    ☐� natli - 3G SW from Shadow'loon x Sepia Ghost [1/25/16] | Updated Me: 2/08/16 | Halloween Event |
    ☐� banban007 - 2G S T from Gaia (F) [2/04/16] | Updated: 3/18/16 |
    ☐� mblansett - 2G B T from Hrtstl [2/21/16] |Updated: 2/21/16 |
    ☐� Aratak - [2/21/16] | Updated: 3/18/16 |
    ☐� Ruby Eyes - 2G Hellhorse from Silver Lunar [3/09/16] | In May |
    ☐� dothefreddy - 2G Red Copper from Male S T [3/09/16] | Updated: 3/13/16 |

    ************Completed IOUs************
    ~IOUs I Owed~
    (((Older completions stored)))
    ☑ BluefootTheWarrior - CB Female Gaia, influenced & hatched by me [1/10/16] {COMPLETED 1/14/16}
    ☑ natli - CB Gd Egg [1/25/16] {COMPLETED 1/28/16}
    ☑ Pokemonfan13 - S1 Hatchlings (Plated Colossus, GSD, Silver Lunar Herald) [1/27/16] {COMPLETED 1/31/16}
    ☑ Undomiel - 2G Gold from Female Pillow [12/28/15] (Last Attempt: 2/11/16 - Gold Egg) {COMPLETED 2/11/16}
    ☑ Aratak - Purple Dino [2/25/16] {COMPLETED 2/28/16}
    ☑� Ruby Eyes - 15 Storm Hatchlings (CB or 2G) [3/09/16] {3 Delivered 3/09/16 | 7 Delivered 3/13/16 | 5 Delivered 3/17/16}
    ☑ dothefreddy - 8 CB Hooktalon hatchlings [3/09/16] {8 COMPLETED 3/13/16}
    ☑ CharonDusk - CB Red Copper, CB Winter {COMPLETED 3/13/16}, & Purple Dino {COMPLETED 3/12/16} [3/11/16] {FULLY COMPLETED 3/25/16}

    ~~IOUs Owed to Me~~
    (((Older completions stored)))
    ☑ Minazuki - 2G Sweetling from Black Sweetling x White SA [1/25/16] | Vday Event | {COMPLETED 2/08/16}
    ☑ Riverwillows - 3G EG Checker Gold from Winter Magi X Gold (Spriter's WM) [12/17/15] {COMPLETED 2/29/16}
    ☑ Ruby Eyes - 2G Hellhorse from Thalassa x Winya [1/18/16] {COMPLETED 3/02/16}

    ************Random Lists, Wishlist, or Seeking************
    ~~Random Completions for Scroll~~
    ***This is more for me to note for myself, does NOT ALWAYS apply to "Interests" for trading***
    �☐� 1 CB Astrapi (Not sure of gender yet)
    ☐�� 3 CB Green Copper (M), CB Green Copper (F), 2 CB Red Copper (Pair)
    ☐�� 5 CB Gold Lunar Herald (3 M & 2 F)
    ☐�� 5 CB Blue Lunar Herald (2 M & 3 F)
    ☐�� 2 CB Bronze Lunar Herald (M)

    ☐�� 3G Purple Dorsal Checker from Blacktip (M) X Purple Dorsal (F)
    ☐� 3G Pink Checker from Spessartine/Orange (M) X Pink (F)
    ☐� 3G EG Pyralspite Spessartine/Orange from Spessartine parents w/ Gold (M) X Spessartine (F) grandparents/base
    ☐�� 3G Xeno-Mageia/Orange Checker from Megeia (M) X Cassare (F)
    ☐�� 4G Silver Checker from Magi (M) X Silver (F)

    ☐�� 2G Ice from Gold Tinsel (F) [Not Xenos]
    ☐�� 2G Tsunami from Silver Shimmer (F) [Not Helena Greentree]
    ☐ 2G Hellfire from Silver Tinsel (M) [Not XFile]
    ☐� 3G Pink (M) Checker from Silver (M) X Bright Pink (F)
    ☐�� 3G Blusang Checker from Blusang (M) X Gold (F)
    ☐�� 3G Balloon Checker from Balloon (M) X Silver (F)
    ☐�� 3G Pink (F) Checker from Gold (M) X Pink (F), w/ Bright Pink base
    ☐� 4G White Checker from Silver (M) X White (F)

    ☐�� 2G Gaia from Silver Tinsel (M) [Not Marth] (Breeding List)
    ☐�� 2G Specklethroat from Silver Tinsel (F) (IOU)
    ☐�� 2G Rainbow Copper from Silver Tinsel (M) [Not Marth] (Trade IOU)

    ☐�� 3G Gold Honorary Dorkface Checker from White Female
    ☐�� 3G Silver (M) Checker from Silver (M) X Bright Pink (F)
    ☐�� 3G Silver (F) Checker from Red-finned Tidal (M) X Silver (F)

    ~~Tinsels & Shimmers~~
    ☐�� 2G Silver Shimmer from Zelda {Would be a dream ^^ I love Legend of Zelda}
    ☐� 2G Gold Shimmer (IOU'd Trade)
    ☐� 2G Gold Tinsel (IOU'd Trade)
    ☐�� 2G Bronze Tinsel from Heartstealing (IOU'd Trade)
    ☐� 2G Bronze Shimmer (Breeding List)

    ~~Holiday-Fails (Christmas, Halloween, & Valentine Fails):~~
    ☐�� 2G White from White (M) x Snow Angel Alt (F) | Not TJ's Christmas Gift |
    ☐� 2G White from White (M) x TriColor Snow Angel (F)
    ☐�� 2G Sunsong (M) from Sunsong (M) X Gold Snow Angel (F) |||||
    ☐�� 3G Blue Striped from Red Stripe parents with Heartseeker X White Striped base ||||
    ☐�� 3G Red from Pink (M) {of Heartseeker X Pink) X Red (M) {of Heartseeker X Red) ||||

    ~~Valentine's Day:~~
    ☐� 2G Radiant Angel from Spriter Alt Solstice (Not from Empyrean Dawn) |
    ☐�� 3G Radiant Angel from Black (F) with blue spriter RA Alt base
    ☐�� 4G Valentine dragon perfect Checker from Magi males [not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/UkB8 ||

    ☐�� 2G Caligene'15 from Gold (M or F) x Alt Caligene (M or F) | Not Hara Tenebrae or Femur Tenebrae |
    ☐�� 2G Caligene'15 from Wrapping-wing x Alt Caligene (F) | Not Mut Tenebrae |
    ☐� 2G Shadow Walker'11 from Shadow Walker'11 (M) X TriColor Snow Angel'09 (F) |
    ☐� 2G Caligene'15 from Caligene'15 (M) X Bronze Tinsel (F) |

    ☐� 2G Holly'07 from Silver (M) X Holly (F) |
    ☐�� 2G Mistletoe from Non-holiday mate x Spriter Mistletoe Alt
    ☐� 2G Snow Angel from Winter Magi (M) X White Tipped Snow Angel (F) |||
    ☐�� 2G Snow Angel from Grave'13 (M) X Gold Snow Angel (F) ||||
    ☐�� 3G Night Solstice'13 (F) Checker from Gold (M) X Night Solstice (F) |
    ☐�� 3G Night Solstice'13 (F) Checker from Silver (M) X Day Solstice (F) parents & Silver (M) X Night Solstice (F) |
    ☐�� 4G Ribbon Dancer'10 that matches & cannot be related to (just the breeds, not Thuweds & Alts) --> http://dragcave.net/lineage/xG0TW

    ☐�� 2G Snow Angel from Silver (M) X White Tipped Snow Angel (F) |
    ☐� 2G Snow Angel from Moonstone (M) X White Tipped Snow Angel (F) |
    ☐� 2G Snow Angel from Horse (M) X TriColor Snow Angel (F) ||
    ☐�� 2G Snow Angel from Gold (M) X TriColor Snow Angel (F) ||
    ☐� 2G Snow Angel from Black (M) X Gold Snow Angel (F) |||||
    ☐� 2G Ribbon Dancer from Harvest (M) X Ribbon Dancer (F) |
    ☐�� 2G Ribbon Dancer from Red (M) X Ribbon Dancer (F) |

    ************Completed Wishlist************
    ((((Older completition stored)))
    ☑ Summoned 2nd GoN after 3x (4th time=summon) @7:03pm (CaveTime) [4/06/16]
    ☑�� 2G Anagallis from Silver Tinsel (M) [Not King of the Silvers] (COMPLETED, trade)
    ☑�� 2G Moonstone from Silver Shimmer (M) [Not Fairy] (COMPLETED, trade)
    ☑ 4G Valentine dragon perfect Checker from Black males || (GIFTED, irc, thank you ^^)
    ☑ 3G Sweetling'10 Checker from Gold Females | (GIFTED, IRC, thank you ^^)
    ☑ 2G Gold (M) from Gold (M) X Frostbite (F) (TRADED for)
    ☑ 2G Valentine from Waterhorse male (TRADED for)
    ☑ 2G Valentine Dragon'09 from Frill (M) X Valentine'09 (F) | (GIFTED, thank you ^^)
    ☑ 2G Sweetling from SAD/Alt Sweetling & White-tipped Snow Angel | (TRADED for)
    ☑ 2G Heartseeker from Gold Snow Angel ||||| (GIFTED, thank you ^^)
    ☑ 2G Radiant Angel from Solstice | (GIFTED, thank you ^^)
    ☑ 2G Silver Shimmer (IOU'd Breeding List, GIFTED by a wonderful person ^^)
    ☑ 2G Avatar of Creation from GoN (M) X Holly (F) | (COMPLETED, trade)
    ☑ 3G Silver Tinsel Checker from Silver Tinsel (M) x Rainbow Copper (F) (COMPLETED, trade)
    ☑ 3G Prize (prefer gold or silver, perfect checkers or stair) (GIFTED, thank you ^^)
    ☑ Summoned 1st GoN after 6x (7th time=summon) @1:55am (CaveTime) [1/17/16]