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What are crossing your Valentines with?

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Hi, I am wondering what you're crossing your Valentine's day dragons with.

And if you don't have a certain type of Valentine's dragon, what would you like to see it paired with?


I like to work with checkerboards and would like to make sure there will be others of that type around, and I'd like to scope out some ideas, too.

Other people might be looking to have theirs' be a more rare line, so they might be looking for what's not posted, too.


I hope you reply, I always liked these threads when they were out before.



This is what I have as a CB pairs:


Arsani - Black, Nhiostrife


Heartseeker - Royal Crimson, but I think I might prefer more contrast. (Daughter wants w/ Silver if limits are lifted)


Valentine Rose - Purples or Purple Nebulas


I'm not sure if I want to leave my older ones as is, or if I want to find matching pairs for them, too.


I might do some Silver metal crosses, too, if the limits on them have been removed.

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And if you don't have a certain type of Valentine's dragon, what would you like to see it paired with?

That is something I am also interested in.


Arsani - I have no set preference here and have no ideas really. I was encouraged by another player to cross them with Grays because both sprites have something held in the front paws. I have also bred mine to Coastal Waverunners and that's a surprisingly pretty combo.


Heartseeker - Thinking of pairing with Royal Crimson. I used to do them with magma, but that's such an impossible combo to breed a mate for. Magmas have really been off their rockers lately (at least for me) and I'm ready for something more easily obtained.


Rosebud - this I absolutely adore with Purple Ridgewings. I think they make such a stunning combo. I also rather like them with Nocturnes.


Valentine '08 - are a longstanding favorite of mine. I really like them with neotropicals hands down can't change my mind. The green with the bright pink is just pretty. I also used to really like them with Red Dorsals but the odds of getting a purple are so much higher xd.png Maybe a checker or step where the colors alternate every generation? That could be fun for the long term.


Sweetlings - Make a beautiful mate to Terrae. The two wingless dragons together with their playful poses are fun and always make me smile.

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Val '09 - Deep Sea now and forever. It is literally my favorite lineage in the game.

Sweetling - Silver

Rosebud/Heartseeker - I'm not likely to breed them at all, but maybe white.

Arsani - Haven't even thought about it, but probably a bold color as I do with val '09s.

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My Val '09 offspring looks like this, unless someone absolutely requests a stairstep




My Sweetling is paired with a Deap Sea, I adore them together




I like Rosebuds with Purples, they're both so ... flow-y and ribbon-y




My Heartseekers are bred with Vines and I do so love their names




And finally Arsanis I'm not sure about. I'm probably going to go with Silver.


like this or Blusang like this


This all falls flat obviously as soon as someone requests another pairing, but so far, no one has done.

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I think I'll be doing:

Heartseeker x Thunder

Heartseeker x Red Copper

Arsani x Stone

Arsani x Purple Nebula or Autumn, not sure yet.

The rest are 2nd gen and already have their set mates to produce checkers (Val 09 x Red, Sweetlibg x blue Neb, Sweetling/alt Sweetling x Ribbon Dancer, Rosebud x SW, Rosebud x Marrow).


If the limits are lifted I'll be looking for 2nd gens from Gold, especially Heartseeker and Arsani. Knowing myself I'll probably try to pick up a few others too; I'm partial to Nebulae, Coppers, Trios, Black Tea & male Silver pairings.

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One of my '09 vals will be making babies like this. I've recently acquired a proper mate for my other '09 which will breed 3rd gen pink x '09 val checkers.


One alt sweetling is spoken for, haven't decided on what to breed my other with. (Too many choices!)


Rosebuds will be either whites or moonstones, to keep with the feathered wings theme.


Heartseekers will probably go with ridgewings again.


Haven't given much thought to the Arsanis, I haven't figured out an appealing combination yet.

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My Valentines have particular mates that match their lineages, as only my Arsanii are CB. If the limits are removed, I'll probably hoard Sweetlings because they are my favorite dragons EVER. I just need an Arsani and Heartseeker for my own purposes, and if I spy an '09 mate to this then I'll grab that. I've got a lot of dragons that I'll want Sweetling mates for, though I also like some pairings that I don't have any dragons of yet (especially Sweetling X Terrae, or Silver).


The Valentine's dragons I already have are paired like this:

Val '09s: checker with Pinks; checker with Whites

Sweetlings: checker with Stripes; checker with Pinks

Rosebuds: checker with Moonstones; checker with Pinks

Heartseekers: both checker with Red Nebula

Arsanii: I'm breeding one with a Fleshcrowne for someone, and I need one from Swallowtail for myself


Nothing particularly special.

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Arsani x Flamingo - I hope we'll have lifted breed limits so I can keep some pretty 2Gs for myself! smile.gif


Not hugely interested in the other Valentine dragons, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. happy.gif If all else fails, I've got pairs that work, they're just not particularly inspired.

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Only my Arsanis are caveborn, but here goes:


I couldn't catch any '09s last year, but I'm hoping to find a match for this Yulebuck, so that I don't have to breed any more siblings to this because it's not the easiest thing to continue.


This Sweetling is the toughest to have to miss, because I don't have a CB female Silver, but I'm crossing my fingers to get a 2nd gen Silver x Alt Sweetling before breeding starts.

Sweetling x Lumina stair.

Rosebud x Winter Magi to breed siblings to this. Assuming the limit is dropped, I'm hoping to find a bloodswap for next Christmas so that I can continue it. I know that there are some out there because I saw them. It might have been easier to swap then, but oh well. uvu

Rosebud x Silver stair.


I don't have perfect mates for either of my Heartseekers. ): I really need to find some (or at least one) without holiday mates this year.

This one will probably breed with a Vine.

This one might breed with an Black or an Ember? I don't have any yet, though.


And lastly, while I'm not quite settled on what to do with my Arsanis, I think I'm going to breed one with an Ice, and the other with a Tan Ridgewing.

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My 09 valentines and my sweetlings already have a consolidate mate: one sweetling and one valentine will produce 3rd gen x pink checkered, the second valentine a 4th gen x pink checkered and the second sweetling will look like http://dragcave.net/lineage/CUrCz


I don't already know for the others, which are CB... for sure I'm going to look for (or eventually breed myself and keep)

- rosebud x white (and I'd love to find a 3rd gen rosebud x white checkered)

- heartseeker x gold wyvern

- heartseeker x blusang


Have pretty no ideas for the arsanis instead





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I kind of have a ready made crossing :3 My magma http://dragcave.net/lineage/rHAdU Is already a child of a Valentines and a Magma, so I figured I would continue the lineage along. Unfortunately I was not able to gender him right to breed with another Heartseeker, but I don't plan on making it a pure line. I will probably cycle through all my Valentines dragons

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My Val 09s are both messy, so I'm hoping the limits will be lifted and I can pick up some even ones for next year. D:


My 3rd gen sweetling and nebula actually make something kinda pretty! Hopefully prettier with a sweetling baby. ^^ My other sweetling was a misbreed that I might just breed to freeze, though.


I'm kinda stumped on what to do with my rosebuds though! Maybe black tea or daydream. Or moonstone, too! They look gorgeous with soulpeace but unfortunately both of my roses are CB.


This heartseeker will probably continue with an ember stair unless I can find an ember for a checker, but I'm stumped on what to do with my CB. Maybe bleeding moon? Royal blue or crimson too perhaps.


My arsanis are going to go one with pink and one with silver, if my egg genders correctly. If not, then pink and moonstone. ^^

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the only valentines dragon i have is a CB '09 lol (hiatus for way too long)

i don't know what i'm breeding her to yet


maybe a frill for the lol

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My 2009 Valentines both have lineages that take some thought. Candy Loveheart gets bred with Faulan a gray, so they make a stairstep that alternates red and gray mates. Paris Kiss gets bred with Con Edison, an electric - her lineage is a spiral, but it breaks after her generation for Valentine breeding because the offspring can't be male.


All of my other valentine dragons are caveborn, so it's a little less difficult for them.


For my Sweetlings, Candy-Kissed goes with Spirette, a CB Black Marrow. Sweet Nothin's goes with May, a CB moonstone. (sweetling/moonstone is gorgeous. GORGEOUS!)


For my Rosebuds, Faerie Blossom will most likely go with Baltus, a CB black, and Kordesi will most likely go with Damned, a CB Red. I don't love either of these pairings, so if I come up with something different, these could change.


For my Heartseekers, last year I bred Ellis with Catharina, a CB white stripe, and Westenra with Linen, a CB Shadow Walker, but this year they'll be bred with my CB Ribbon Dancers, Holly Belle and Satina, because over Christmas I picked up these two and totally fell in love with the pairing. If we can keep more older/bred Valentines like we could Christmas dragons this year, I'll be trying to get swaps of this pairing, because I'd rather have fresh blood than offspring of my own dragons for making checkers with.


For my Arsani dragons, Karys and Dulcinette, I haven't given it much thought yet. I think their coloration would look good with frills, but I also don't want to put dragons out there with lineages that would be difficult to work with. :/

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I'm hoping for limits off, because I have a bunch of lonely dragons looking for mates.

Might breed or try to swap for these

user posted image'09-

http://dragcave.net/lineage/QmD1T x marrow -traded for

http://dragcave.net/lineage/QHWG x stone

http://dragcave.net/lineage/UYC9t x ridgewing

user posted imagesweetling- no CB's on my scroll

http://dragcave.net/lineage/i5kAO set mate for making 3g checkers

http://dragcave.net/lineage/ESJRW x white or goldwing SA- pending

user posted imagerosebud-

http://dragcave.net/lineage/VcU2n x waterwalker -traded for

user posted imageheartseeker-

http://dragcave.net/lineage/V38Hi x marrow- pending

user posted imagearsani-

http://dragcave.net/lineage/ai57w x ridgewing -traded for


leaving some of my options open in case I see a pretty combo idea I want to steal try myself biggrin.gif

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How I breed mine:


Valentine '09 (I have 2nd Gens)

-one is a Yulebuck checker

-one is a checker with Sunrise


Sweetling (I have 2nd Gens)

-one is a checker with Purple Ridgewing

-one is a checker with Spitfire



I breed both with Greys



I breed both with Cavern Lurkers (I'm thinking of changing this though)



I breed both with Greys



I really want to change my Heartseeker pairings, but I don't have a clue what I want to breed them with. I'm thinking of trying them with the Solstice dragons.


I may also change the Rosebuds to breed with Daydreams.

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Heartseeker to Holly,

Hearseeker to Marrow,

Sweetling to (oh god, I don't think I picked out a mate ^^;;)

Rosebud to White? I'm so terribly oldschool sorry ^^;;

Val'09s? Ummmm


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Val'09: purple ridgewing checker, white checker [if I can get the mates] otherwise just stairs

Sweetlings: ribbon checker biggrin.gif and hopefully a blusang one as well

Heartseeker, Rosebud, Arsani: they're all CB ^^ so their mates will likely be determined by whatever requests occur.


Heartseekers look pretty neat with neos though, and the contrast between the colours of Rosebuds and Graves seems neat too. I'd like to do a checker with them too biggrin.gif

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I really need to get better mates for my 09s and Sweetlings.


Buffy needs a 2nd gen Pink with an 09 mom.


Dawn would probably be best with a 3rd gen PB Pink, so I can actually breed this match.


The Prince would be best with a 2nd gen Ember from a Sweetling dad.


Salt Water Tuffy has a Bright Pink mom, probably the hardest to find.


My newer Vals are all CB, and I promised to breed for someone, so I am waiting to see which breeds they choose. <3


ETA: I woke up this morning to the delivery of a beautiful Ember egg to match my Prince! Thank you so much! <3

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Since I only have CB Arsani, they are the only one I have to make a choice of mate about.


My beloved 2nd gen Heartseekers will breed for checkers with Royal Blue and Shadow Walker. (And I so hope the limits will be lifted here, too, so I can hoard Heartseekers to my heart's content ! wink.gif )


I also like Rosebuds, and have 2nd gens from Royal Blue and Shadow Walker, too, but I just realized that I forgot to get a Royal Blue mate - I do so hope that I'll manage to trade for one before Valentine's.


Sweetlings and Val09s I'm not that interested in, but I'll breed the ones I have for the sake of users who are looking for those breeds. None of them is a really clean lineage, though, except one 2nd gen Sweetling from Blue Nebula, which looks really nice.


For the Arsani I have trouble deciding on mates. Someone posted a pairing with Waterhorse here, and although I'm not very fond of those, I have to say that the colours look great together ! So I went and tried a few blue dragons. And then some others I think look nice with them as well:

Water Horse, Skywing, Water, Ice, Blusang, Royal Blue

other colours work, too: Terrae, Spring, Autumn, Purple, Red Dorsal, Teimarr

I'm not sure yet what it'll be - and if I breed both Arsani to the same species, or go for different ones.

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I haven't really decided yet- the only thing that I do every year is Rosebud x White, not sure if I'll keep the mates that the others had last year or change them up a bit.


I'm thinking my Arsani dragons will probably be paired with Tsunamis.

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don't have any Valentine's CBs, but am lucky enough to be receiving 2nd gens of each with a mate of my choice.


'09 x Waterhorse

Sweetling x Moonstone -- though I'll be scouring the AP for a Sweetling x Terrae as well

Rosebud x Daydream

Heartseeker x Royal Blue

Arsani x Golden Wyvern -- breaking up all that blue


Then it'll just be a matter of finding mates for them to breed some pretty 3rd gen checkers :3

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