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    I will happily give constructive art critique if asked! PM me, but be prepared to wait a bit. I do not check this forum regularly anymore.


    - Please don't ask

    *** REGARDING MY ART ***

    If you want to make fanart of my dragons, you can! Just PLEASE let me see it when you're done! If you post it on DA, please let me know or leave a note on my DA profile (tidalcomplex) so I can favorite it!

    If you want to use my in-cave sprites to make banners, you can! Feel free to crop/resize/mirror them if you need to. Again, I'd love to see it when you're done!

    Please DO NOT:
    - Recolor or edit the sprites themselves in any way.
    - Use or repost any sprites I have made that are NOT in-cave (eg. the sprites in my signature or unreleased dragon projects)

    If you have any questions/concerns about whether I would allow what you're doing, please ask first!

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