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    If I have offspring from one of your dragons that I haven't named and you would like me to, feel free to poke me. I have lots of dragons and have started running out of naming ideas. *g* Conversely, if you have offspring from one of my dragons that is unnamed you can also give me a poke to name them. ;)

    Breeding Projects:
    Fog x Skywing checker -COMPLETE- http://dragcave.net/lineage/vck9y
    Alt Black x White Checker -COMPLETE- http://dragcave.net/lineage/j1f8y
    Black x White Checker -Complete- http://dragcave.net/lineage/uMGNp
    Whiptail x Purple Dorsal -Complete- http://dragcave.net/lineage/tAtXd

    Fog x Pink checker w/valentine base
    Ice x female Hellfire checker
    Turpntine x Lumina alternating checker
    Golden Wyvern x Turpentine checker
    Seragamma x Blue Nebula checker

    4 PB Dorsal lines:
    -Red Male x Purple Female checker

    Sorting Hat Lineage:
    Spitfire x Coastal Waverunner Checker 8th Gen
    Coastal Waverunner x Spitfire Checker 8th Gen
    Whiptail x Guardian Checker 8th Gen
    Guardian x Whiptail Checker 8th Gen
    Terrae x Stone Checker 8th Gen
    Stone x Terrae Checker 8th Gen
    Fog x Pebble Checker 8th Gen
    Pebble x Fog Checker 8th Gen
    Ember x Harvest Checker 8th Gen
    Harvest x Ember Checker 8th Gen
    Black x Brimstone Checker 8th Gen
    Brimstone x Black Checker 8th Gen
    Red x Golden Wyvern Checker 8th Gen
    Golden Wyvern x Red Checker 8th Gen
    Sunstone x Sunsong Checker 8th Gen
    Sunsong x Sunstone Checker 8th Gen