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BmHY7hM.png~*~ WISH and BREEDING LISTs ~*~ --- Personal Lineages ARK2-1.gif

All your CHICKEN are belong to LBD! All your BALLOON are belong to ... ME! ;)

=> Always searching for 2nd gen Balloons from Spriter Alts/Prize/HM/Holly/Alt Sweetling/Upside Down April Balloons - Please PM me if you can breed such, maybe we can work something out *-*

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HAVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    *~ H O L L Y Breedings ~*
    -> http://dragcave.net/lineage/Bccf6
    -> http://dragcave.net/lineage/4jXs3
    [to see how your Holly would look, just click on one of the children's lines ;) ]

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WANT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -> 2nd gen Balloon from Spriter Alt/Prize/CB Hybrid or Alt
    -> or something equally Balloony :3


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HAVE HOLIDAY BREEDINGS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    * Breeding 2nd gens from my original CB Holiday Dragons (with mate of your choice - can provide everything but CB Prize or Holly) during their breeding time:
    - CB Vampire (biting eggs for you - anytime during the year) - CB Marrow - CB Shadowwalker - CB Lurker - CB Grave - CB Desipis - CB Caligene

    - CB Yule - CB Snowangel (Gold Wings) - CB Ribbondancer - CB Wintermagi - CB Wrapping Wing - CB Solstice - CB Mistletoe - CB Aegis - CB Snow

    - CB Valentine 09 - CB Sweetling (Regular) - CB Rosebud - CB Heartseeker - CB Arsani - CB Radiant Angel - CB Heartstealing - CB Mutamore - CB Soulstone

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WANT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -> CB Balloon Hatchlings [amount depends on breed and mate]
    -> certain Holiday from Holiday x Balloon (right now Caligenes are needed most!)


    Will breed from my scroll or catch/hatch on demand, if you have an item from my "wishlist". For the complete list, check the link in my sig. *^-^*

    ~~NEED MOST~~
    * 2nd gen Balloons from Prize/Holly/Spriter Alts -> (the unlikely, ya know ^.~)

    * 2nd gen Balloon [x Valentine 09]
    * 2nd gen Balloon [x Sweetling]
    * 2nd gen Balloon [x Heartseeker]
    * 2nd gen Balloon [x gold winged Snow Angel]
    * 2nd gen Gold [x Mistletoe] (being worked on)

    * PieMaster -> two 2nd gen Balloon from Alt Desipis

    ~~~~~~MORE BREEDING INFOS/LISTS in the LINK in my SIG!~~~~~~