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BmHY7hM.png~*~ WISH and BREEDING LISTs ~*~ ARK2-1.gif

All your BALLOON are belong to ... ME! ;)

=> Always searching for 2nd gen Balloons from Spriter Alts/Prize/HM/female Holly/Alt Sweetling/April Fools Day Dilemma- Please PM me if you can breed such, maybe we can work something out *-*

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HAVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    *~ CB breedings of all sorts ~*
    *~ catch and hatch on your command ;) ~*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -> 2nd gen Balloon from Spriter Alt/Prize/HM/fem Holly/Alt Sweetling/Upside Down April Fool
    -> items from my wishlist from scroll completition
    -> If you want to make me reeeeally happy:

    * 2nd gen Balloon from x Spriter Alt
    - Val 09, Sweetling, Heartseeker, Arsani, Radiant Angel, Heartstealing, Mutamore, Soulstone, Floral Crowned
    - Yulebuck, Snow Angel, Ribbondancer, Winter Magi, Wrapping Wing, Mistletoe, Aegis, Snow, Garland
    - m/f Grave, m/f blue Desipis, m/f Caligene, m/f Witchlight, m/f blue Omen

    * 2nd gen from male + female Alt Pumpkin

    * 2nd gen Prize from Prize x Balloon (gold would be most awesome)
    * 2nd gen Balloon from x Prize dragon (gold would be most awesome)


    * Breeding 2nd gens from my original CB Holiday Dragons
    [with mate of your choice - can provide everything but CB Prize or HM - during their breeding time]

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WANT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -> CB Balloon Hatchlings [amount depends on breed and mate]
    -> Holiday swap [probably from x Balloon]


    * 2nd gen Gold [x Mistletoe]


    * PieMaster (March 2017) -> two 2nd gen Balloon from Alt Desipis (already paid my share; handful of CB Z-Morphs and CB Balloon; waiting for eggs)

    * Process (March 2018) -> 2nd gen Balloon from male Alt Omen (both sides done! Thanks!)


    ~~~~ YOU OWE ME: ~~~~

    * WaterDroplet/Vibrance [May 2017]: my CB Silver (1/1) for 1 of each CB Xenowyrm and "couple of" CB Balloon Hatch: 1/1 Pyro, 1/1 Thalassa, 1/1 Astrapi, 0/1 Gaia, 0/1 Mageia, 0/1 Chronos, Balloon hatch 1/x -> no response for a couple of month; probably failed

    ~~~~~~MORE BREEDING INFOS/LISTS in the LINK in my SIG!~~~~~~