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    Crazy Stripe Lady.
    Level 10
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Looking for 2g Thuwed Stripe from Nebula. My Silver Shimmer Raphy is currently UNAVAILABLE for trades. Most wanted: 2g Stripe/Royal Blue SALTkin

Creature: dp7v6  ♥  hYa5KVh.png?1♥  PSKonbR.gif ♥  vzI6s5t.png  XiBXrag.png?1 foxie.png ♥

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    Raphy Stripess #6712

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    British girl living (amongst stripes) in Italy
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    Information regarding my Silver Shimmer Lady Raphy:

    Desperately seeking:

    1 x 2nd gen Gold Tinsel from M Gold Tinsel x F Stripe

    I have an ambition to reach at least 4th gen prize x stripe checker, one for each prize color and any help is appreciated.
    Bronze Shimmer and Bronze Tinsel, Silver Tinsel and Silver Shimmer checker successfully completed! \o/

    See here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UVwcGg9QM2PLWKPPdhnj8-kWwdngEBbON6Z9I5oROpc/edit?usp=sharing for what I want for offspring from Lady Raphy.

    I'm rather wary of IOU's. It took me over a year to breed for one person and I don't want to do that again. Also I have been waiting over three years for the payment of one IOU from someone (and am still waiting....). But you can try me, I don't bite :)


    acm1923: Must send a few ND's. Female and Ungendered sent.
    Essfi: Must send a few ND's. Ungendered and Female sent.
    Anilako: ND for 2g Prize. Trade done. :)

    I will obviously except them if I know you or if we have traded successfully or if you're offering the above Prizes/kins!. ;)

    You may request a specific mate as she's pretty easy XD

    For kins: If you are interested in any shimmerkin, feel free to drop me a pm.

    Ylvanne kin to be decided.

    All pm's are always more than welcome and will be greeted with hugs and cookies. :)

    ♥♥ harpuiapwnsyou is wonderful (amongst many others) ♥♥

    ♥♥ The way to my heart: Stripes! ♥♥

    I don't like lists so when I have an egg, I prefer gifting or trading them at that moment. If I have an egg in trade, I prefer to trade rather than accept an IOU but I can be flexible.

    I am NOT interested in PM offers of 'anything on my scroll' or 'catching commons/stripes' etc etc though so pleased don't offer.

    I breed lineages on request, check out my groups on scroll. Stripes, Holidays, Tinsels, Metals and Shimmers check out my Spread sheets by clicking on the links in my sig.

    I ALWAYS reply to PMs, so would appreciate the same. A simple 'thank you' or 'no thank you' takes just a few seconds but goes a long way!

    Summoned my first GON 01/10/12!
    Summoned my second GON 21/03/13!
    Summoned my third GON 02/08/14!