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Lavander.png 25k56cl.gif ckqtutY.pngI use the decline option in trades & I accept IOUsWill breed 2nd gen Avatars on request for those without GoNs. PM me!

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    Wales, UK
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    I live in the UK, 5 hours ahead of DC time!

    I've been playing Dragcave since 2008, that's a super long time, wow!!

    I'm a prolific breeder of shiny things and I like to give them out for free on the Community Notice Board and other places. A little 'thank you' goes a long way, it lets me know my babies have gone to nice homes ^^

    My weakness is Silver dragons, they're so elegant and pretty! It all began with my Amcana, a Silver I caught from the AP in 2010.

    If I have it on my scroll I'm more than happy to try and breed it for you! Please PM me and I'll see what I can do.