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I'm in the GMT timezone 🙂

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    Hiding in a duvet fort.
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    I am able to make NDs - DM me if you're interested - usually I'll be asking for CB hatchies - 12 in total, gender balanced - per ND (not Xeno or Stats, you'll be relieved to know). EDIT: am looking for Venturis, gender balanced (I seem to have run out of them bah)

    WILL be looking for CB Omens at halloween - 8 (4 male, 4 female) of them this year (and will need more next year), unless two kind souls can help me out - will definitely pay in NDs for this (you will, once the lineage is finished, if you wish, get a babs from it too)

    I am currently trying to gender balance the CBs on my scroll and generally know precisely what dergs needs mates or not *eye twitches*.

    I do also have a CB original female bronze tin who goes by the name Miren Itora - bless her, she works very hard, but is disinclined to produce eggs

    I hang out on Discord more - come say hi (also if my discord handle isn't right, please let me know!