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Great Lineages Found in AP

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I do have a fetish for reds so auto click on them. Rather like this one. http://dragcave.net/lineage/us4CD


Many thanks to the breeder. Now to figure if I want to switch back to snow angels or if I want to go ribbon dancers. I would like to breed my sweetlings into that lineage.

Personally, I love the way reds and ribbon dancers look together.

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Grats on all those beauties, everyone! I love AP hunting. xd.png Here's my haul from this week:


An adorable BBW from Frill x BBW--I actually really like this combo, and have some mates in mind.

A nice little hybrid--perfect new blood for a small breeding project of mine.

Tsunami from Tsunami x Brine--such a lovely combo, can't wait to build a mate!

A neat little Thunder egg--great to round out not only my Summoning Squad, but also plans for a lineage too.


All great little kickstarters for lineage projects, thanks to all the breeders who've dropped these lovelies! laugh.gif

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There were several even gen Pink/Holiday lineaged eggs on the AP yesterday. First I re-abandoned two of them because I was actually looking for something else and only had one egg spot, but I still clicked another one, and it was this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/CMjia

I just had to keep this one. wub.gif Many thanks to the breeder!

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Now that's what I call a Thuwed. smile.gif Congrats, Orlageddon!

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really nice!!!


I got this hatchie, and i named it after the scroll keeper.. wink.gif

and this beauty

and this 7th gen a while ago...


and i got today a bunch of cb hatchies in the cave!  blink.gif  cool.gif

That last one's a Dorkface, too~


Just caught this guy. Look at his parent's codes.

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