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I accept IOUs with trusted players. Looking for CB name code egg / hatchie to build EG mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/dannY. Clouded Leopard dragon by sharlykng!

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    Happy to breed most my dragons upon request! Current love: name code CB egg / hatchie to build eventual mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/dannY <3

    ∞My IOUs / Gifts∞

    1. Eclipseheart
    --->3rd EG Lunar Herald (Brown) x Caligene checker (Halloween 201*)


    ♥I'll breed most of my dragons upon request!
    ♥I'll contact you once ready, and give you 48 hours to respond before I move down to the next person on the list. =)

    •2nd gen Golden Tinsel from (XsJmy) x (mate)
    (NOTE: list limited!)
    1. Artius
    --->1 2nd gen Golden Tinsel from XsJmy x BBW (CnBmB)
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Shimmer

    ***LAST BRED: 11 March 2019 (BBW egg)***

    ∞Fulfilled IOUs by Me∞
    1. tjekan
    --->1 Halloween '11 hatchie
    ***in exchange for Bronze Tinsel, Galletian x Red nebula stair
    2. Khallayne
    --->2 SW hatchies
    ***in exchange for 2 Christmas 2nd gens x SW
    3. Tufak
    --->Clean-lineaged Silver metallic
    ***in exchange for misc. hatchies
    4. Safrienaer
    --->aobO tinsel x2
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Holiday Stripes
    5. Iside
    --->4th even gen White x Snow Angel checker
    ***in exchange for 3rd EG White from SA checker
    6. smileytechie
    --->5 GW, 5 RB, 1CB Silver
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Tin
    7. ThatDeadGirl
    --->Gold Metallic / Tinsel
    ***in exchange for Alt Sweetling offspring
    8. Reidragon
    --->4th even gen Black Stripe from 3rd even gen Holly descendants, 3rd even gen Black from 2nd gen Tinkin Yulebuck
    ***in exchange for Holly common offspring
    9. alyelle
    --->aobO tinsel / 3rd even offspring, Sweetling x Old Pink
    ***in exchange for Sweetling x Old Pink
    10. Izabelle-89
    --->Tinsel from Aiora x Golden Humbug
    ***in exchange for GW x Stripe mate
    11. Annezor
    --->7th gen double arrow Tinkin offspring
    ***in exchange for 6th gen Tinkin arrow
    12. Erica8798
    --->2 Water Horse hatchies
    ***in exchange for nVOIe Nebula
    13. bbik
    --->2 Halloween '12 hatchies
    ***in exchange for SW from SW x Bright Pink
    14. Arra
    --->Influenced / hatched metallics (x3) and Blusang (x1)
    ***in exchange for 3rd EG Shimmer
    15. UnicornBlue
    ---> 4x 2nd gen PB Black Tea hatchlings
    ***in exchange for CB Blusang
    16. SanguineWolf
    --->Two Seragamma male-Influenced hatchlings
    ***in exchange for two 2nd gen PB Black Tea / Black Tip eggs
    17. dragonsrus
    --->3rd EG Soulpeace Shimmerkin
    ***in exchange for Soulpeace 2nd gen
    18. Multimango2
    --->3rd EG from Somnophobia x Haku Glix
    ***exchange for 3rd EG Jewel-lined Shimmerkin
    19. s0r0k4
    --->4th EG Bronze Shimmer from Copper Balloon x Dreamy Zeppelin
    ***in exchange for gorgeous 4th EG Bronze Shimmer
    20. anonymous
    --->2nd gen Shimmer x Shadow Walker
    ***in exchange for 1 CB Gold; 3 CB Silver
    21. Arella
    --->2nd gen Mint from Wrapping Wing
    ***in exchange for IOU of 3rd EG Green Copper x Winter Magi checker
    22. alci
    --->replacement egg from Patina Waltz x Ultraura
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Copper from Holly
    23. bloodonmyfangs
    --->4th EG offspring from A Christmas Thuwed x replacement
    ***in exchange for 3rd EG replacement Winter
    24. Arella
    --->2nd gen Lumina from Wrapping Wing
    ***in exchange for 3rd EG Green Copper x Winter Magi checker
    25. daestarr
    --->3rd EG GW x Heartseeker Thuwed
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen GW x Heartseeker
    26. EscapistLore
    --->3rd EG Grey from Grey x Arsani checker
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Arsani x Grey
    27. geminigrl016
    --->4th EG Bronze Shimmer from Missing Waltz x Starless Race
    ***in exchange for Copper x SW eggs
    28. Kallistrate
    --->3rd gen stairstep from Spirit Removed x Ghost Particle
    ***in exchange for 3rd EG Prize Alt + 3rd EG Val '09 Alt line
    --->4th EG Pink egg from Christmas Antique x Hershelspice
    ***in exchange for HvGF0
    --->4th EG Horse egg from Festive Antique x Horse
    ***in exchange for Horse
    29. Iside
    --->3rd EG GW from Sxese Thuwed x Alexorus
    ***in exchange for Thuwed lineage + Pink x Holly, high-EG Soulpeace
    30. Lilali
    --->3rd EG GW from Sxese Thuwed x Alexorus
    ***in exchange for 2 2nd-gen Misfit x Pumpkin
    31. Iside
    ---> 4th EG Silver Shimmer from Layla Seachain x Sea Dandelion
    ***in exchange for Pink x Holly, high-EG Soulpeace
    32. tjenni
    --->3rd EG Copper x WM checker
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Copper x WM
    33. Gryphonic
    --->swap 2nd gen Gaia from Vyersiano (m) x Beloved Sunrise / Gilded Hope (f)
    ***in exchange from sibling to Gaia (m) x Gold (f)
    34. JaneMcAsh
    --->3rd EG Moonstone from Tearful Sonata x Scrying Sonata
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Moonstone hatchling
    35. Nightwalkerkey
    --->3rd EG Indigo Lunar Herald from Lunar Ma'at x Cammy's Chrono
    ***in exchange for Cammy's Chrono
    36. Sionnisong / sis
    ---> :) x Frill
    ***in exchange for full set of CB Zyu + 1 CB Silver
    37. snakehands
    --->3rd EG White egg from TJ's White Christmas x Faithful Angel
    --->3rd EG Gold egg from Auriniagara x Volly's Gift
    ***in exchange for 1 Silver Lunar Herald from Silver LH x Snow
    38. w******** & h****
    --->2nd gen Golden Tinsel egg from (XsJmy) x CB Celestial & (XsJmy) x CB Silver
    39. m*****
    --->2nd gen Golden Tinsel egg from (XsJmy) x CB Autumn
    in exchange for [...]
    40. I******
    --->2nd gen Golden Tinsel egg from (XsJmy) x GoN
    ***in exchange for [...]
    --->2nd gen Golden Tinsel egg from (XsJmy) x CB Garland
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Silver Shimmer x Celestial
    42. Ghost
    --->2nd gen from Golden Tinsel egg from (XsJmy) x Red Zyu
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Gold Shimmer x Gold LH :)
    43. QVic
    --->1 2nd gen Val '09 from XsJmy x Val '09
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen WW from Silver Tinsel
    44. FAstudent12
    --->1 2nd gen Golden Tinsel from XsJmy x Aeon Wyvern
    ***in exchange for 2nd gen Tinsel, low gen Thuwed Winter

    ∞Owed / Pending Gifts (<3!!!) to Me∞
    1. Bankotsu (3rd gen Gold Tinsel)
    --->2nd gen Silver x Ribbon Dancer
    2. Miaou (3rd gen Bronze Shimmer)
    --->two 2nd gen Avatar (GoN x SA; GoN x WM)