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Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

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I got gifted a wonderful little waterhorse as a mate for the Thuwed Goldfish from the AP!

I am so glad, I was close to giving it away because I was sure never to find an adequate mate for it!


These two will be raised, named, cherished and bred!

And the children will be gifted back to loving homes.



The eggs might be inbred, but they will be GORGEOUSLY inbred! Linebred, so to say and as I said before, they will only go to loving homes for free.

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Those two are gorgeous smile.gif

The egg they produce will be inbred though o.o

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Also, a gift from me to someone who likes pinks:


Oh ffs, I took it thinking it would be a perfect mate for my own Pinky from that pairing, and THEN the brain caught up....*brain loading* Crap, that's going to be an inbred, d'oh!!


So here it is, on offer again (I'm such an idiot)



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4 am... Yeah, I shouldn't expect to get another 2nd gen aha XP

My consolation is that I am already on a list so can't request anyway. Mind you wouldn't be a wierd thing for me to be awake at 4am, I fail at the whole sleep thing tongue.gif

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Would anyone care to adopt a cute little 5th even-gen terrae from terrae x harvest x hellfire x ember (yeah, I know, but it really doesn't look all that bad)?


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


Be good to it, please.



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