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    Promised Dragons:
    (I have been negligent in updating info here but NOT in trying for eggs)

    To shadesofchaos:

    4 magi and 6 purple hatchies -> work in progress :)

    To Bajka20:
    Gold & Skywing (Gold baby)
    Finally bred on 30 April 2013

    To KangaBadger:
    2nd gen Ice from Ice x Moonstone
    Not getting anything but moonstones... Aaaargh!
    Next breeding due: next Thursday

    ----------------------COMPLETED REQUESTS---------------------

    To Mirume:
    Red hatch -> Complete
    Pink hatch -> Complete
    2 PB Stripes -> Complete

    To Sylvan_Moon:
    3rd gen Thuwed (Albino x Pink checker) -> Complete

    To cladus:
    3rd gen Thuwed (Albino x CB GW father)
    19. 08. 2012 -> Complete

    To JCStitches:
    2nd gen Shadow Walker & 3rd gen Marrow -> Complete

    To xX Blythe Xx:
    Tan Ridgewing from FairyDance x Bluewing Cyr
    25. 04. 2013 -> Complete