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Considering my ALTS and my Bronze Shimmer: Please, do not ask me for offspring about it. I currently have plans for all the upcoming breedings.

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    I am the Spriter/Artist from:
    Falconiform Wyvern
    Sapphire Dragon
    Lacula Dragon
    Sakuhana Wyvern
    Geminae Dragon
    Kovos Pygmie

    If you have any questions send me a PM, for Sakuhana Wyvern Alts please look in my sig.

    Avatar and Sig Sakuhana Headshots and Drawings are made by: Process, Dohaerys, Daiyachiri and Myself

    Big Thank you to:

    Kayla, Terpsichore, Infinis, Shichibi, jiji970, cudo215, Leidarendi, earthgirl, ThatDeadGirl, Process, Dohaerys, Daiyachiri and all the other I forget for your help, your eggs, your time and your beautiful drawings!

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