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m9OcSXQ.png // Unfortunately I have not been very active, thus many dragons are unnamed and I don't sign in very often T^T ~ // Have a great day! ~ //

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    In your worst nightmare
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    Reading [sadly I don't read as much anymore], games, this [dragons], fantasy ["things"], finding out others fears [when I subtly get chance]
    -- 4 years later and this is pretty much the same (lol) I think I moved though [somewhere in New York state]...

    Thank you sooooooo much CDM ! ! ! :O
    Thank you Chanilove ! [NAtQA]
    Thank you Daydreamer09 ! [Q3STf]
    Thank you Iya_kin ! [H83FB]
    Thank you so much Amaterasu-sama ! :O
    I will attempt to accept almost all* requests that come with a nice PM, but due to obvious breeding habits of Trios and Metallics, I cannot take requests for them. Maybe, if they become common one day :rolleyes:

    I do not forget about my IOU's. If I haven't sent what I owe you, it is only because I was not able to catch something, or because my dragons did not breed successfully

    HOWEVER, If I owe you something, PLEASE actually SIGN IN once a week at least TO RECEIVE IT.
    Please REFRAIN from adding my dragons to FAN SITES unless I ask you to =)
    *I remove trade information as they are completed/updated*
    IOU to others -

    IOU for Me -

    Summon Attempts for first GoN- 1/16 (Success on 01/08/13!)
    Summon Attempts for second GoN- 1/7 (Success on 12/29/13)

    Requests -


    xShadow - Silver/Moonstone

    [Wishlist link] http://I-don't-have-one-because-it-repeatedly-gets-deleted [/Wishlist link]

    Aussiemum - ea4tD
    IvoryDragon432 5th gen thu

    Quote- "If you say plz because it is shorter than please then I'll say no because it is shorter than yes." -StarSea

    Quote- "Why would it affect breeding cycles? o.o Dragon was kicked in the crotch too hard?" -JaziandCo

    Keekeecat - "What I mean is what the ratios are in general. Is there any page that contains the ratios in DC? Or does only TJ know?"
    KageSora - "Also, I don't think anybody but TJ (the creator) could give you any numbers. Regular members don't have a way to find out those numbers, to my knowledge nor do the mods."
    purplehaze- "I agree that only TJ knows and he's not telling! ;)"

    ((The Godly Powers of TJ never fail to amaze hahaha))

    Quote = TwilitProphet

    Also: Every time someone theorizes that there will be a dragon for each biome. I just picture TJ walking into a clearing where he can see every biome and shouting, much like Oprah.

    "You get a new dragon! And YOU get a new dragon! Everyone gets a new dragon!"


    ^ Link to Master Thuwed Post by WraithZephyr


    ^ Link to Google Document list for the Christmas 2012 Baking Event

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